Campaign updates Round the Bend

Another interview with Alvin Greene — and it is here that I will suggest we can close the door on media interviews with Alvin Greene.  I do not see what purpose any more attention can serve.  Sure, Investigate all curious avenues — but keep some other avenues in mind which work against your claims.
I have a problem with Representative Clyburn.  I do not want to preclude a primary challenge against Clyburn, even from possible gadflys or incompetents, or the threat for 10 percent of the primary vote.  His “suspicion” against his primary challenger shades a little too far in precluding challengers.  As for the matter of the other flukey Democratic that beat the “Real” Democrat — that may just be the same Election Night Syndrome that brought Greene the nomination, and instead of strengthening the case for “Plant” shenanagins, strengthens the case for “The Credible Candidate didn’t wage a Credible Campaign.”

My question for Vic Rawls — after explaining the perimeters of his relatively piddling but highly typical when feeling that your candidacy is pretty well assured — and this is a point to be made to ALL candidates in his situation — by any rights, the probably challenger against the Incumbent, and far enough behind that you’re not likely to garner substantial backing for a credible “World Beater” campaign — seeing as the path to victory is such a steep climb — shouldn’t you be treating the Primary Campaign as an extension of the General Election and forcing your name awareness upward — that is the only way you’re going to put in effect anything except a static and flat donor base, and ensure against losing to Al Green.

Alvin Greene, as you see in the interview, is just not altogether there.  The two points of clearest reference come in with his “pivot” from “My Lawyer’s dealing with it” with regard to his Felony Charge over to the visible mind search to a sort of cue card “(2:55) Relates to the third issue I’m dealing with — Justice in the Judicial system — [trails off badly]”, and the exchange   to charge of mental impairment from state legislators: [4:00] “I say that back to them then… they’re the knuckle-heads” and on to his answer of if he’s [5:20] “No — Just” …

It’s good to see the Alex Jones “Prison Planet” website go to bat for Sharron Angle on the issue of Fluoridation.  My sense of rightful propriety has been restored.
I do have a sense of dread on certain campaign politicking against Sharron Angle, as I do against Rand Paul.  Harry Reid’s new ad, coming from an issue discussed in the primary against Sue Lowden, targets Sharron Angle for having promoted “Massages” for prisoners — this particular program coming from a service provided by the Church of Scientology.  We probably do not want to provide the prison population massages, though I do not think that is an outlandish idea — and that’s my problem here.  If we did have some massage program in the prisons, it certainly shouldn’t be this thing — the Church of Scientology having an ulterior motive.
My problem is that there are various Prison programs that will come across about the same to swarths of the electorate who veer toward the opinion that Prisons should resemble Attica, and that this is what Harry Reid is exploiting.  I don’t really want to see a flanking to the right on Prisoner treatment.  I almost would be happier if Reid proposed his own entirely different Prison Massage Program — something which, obviously, is never going to happen.

Similarly, the liberal talk radio host Thom Hartmann has come across a tad annoying in his discussing of Rand Paul.  “Wait until the Republicans in his state” learn about various libertarian stances from Rand Paul.  Top of the list includes Drug Decriminalization and cutting back the Pentagon budget.  Leaving aside the problem these positions are not held by Rand Paul, and for a minute pretend they are.  Hartmann is, eseentially, proposing that the Democratic candidate — Jack Conway — defeat Rand Paul by defeating stances that Thom Hartmann supports.
As opposed to against …


I don’t think anybody’s going to be missing a hill or two here and there.”


The thing about Carly Fiorina’s “is the mic on” gaffe — other than her non-apology apology for a matter which I think the public is pretty understandable in a “I can relate” kind of way of knowing that people say crude things in private that they wouldn’t in public —
The thing about Carly Fiornina’s comment about Barbara Boxer’s hair is that having undergone chemotherapy for breast cancer and all that entails — to her hair, for instance — I would think that would provide her with some grounding of perspective against such catty and superficial disparagmennts.
Regretably, Fironina is not beyound using her experience with “Cancer” card in a debate where his opponent brought up something about her CEO-record, and she responded with a non-sequitur time-line wise which suggested the issue was beyond bounds — “Did you hear what I just said?”.

Okay.  I DARE the Democratic Party in California to run another refashioned “Demon Sheep” ad!  The closer to the original ad the better.
Just like I dare the Republican Party to refurbish the Dead Kennedy’s song “California Uber Alles” for the Gubernatorial race between Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown.  Though, I suppose Jello Biafra would not be one to give clearance for use of the song — his opinion of Jerry Brown has evolved.

Rounding things up here … Okay.  Fine.  Rick Barber for Congress.  Weee!  Also, note to Bob Etheridge: Um.  Everyone’s a blogger and everyone’s carrying around a video, you know that right?  I also need to note a good reason not to donate to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee — as we see here, money will be spear-headed to the effort to elect this guy.

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