Cosmopolitan Magazine 1906 — The Senate Sucks.
…. and here I thought Cosmopolitan’s past looked like this.

FBI, Telecoms… Wire-tap laws… you know the rest

The surreal thing is the cognitive dissonance I felt when I first heard this story, with a favorable slant toward these erstwhile Baptist Church Child Kidnapping crew.

Your classic bit of Johnny Carson — Reagan bit, or Abbott and Costello

Kim Jong Il Enjoys Art Performance by Itinerant Youth Art Squad

Congratulations, Angry Populistes.

James O’keefe.  The Future.

TSA worker tried to make customer his “Sex Slave“.  Note: that and this as exhibit 1 and 2 for why I’m paranoid about the body scan images.

Weekly Standard engages in some wistful Clinton revisionist (for their standpoint) memories.

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