Scientologists invade Haiti, and waste everyone’s time
uh huh.

Frank Luntz spells out how to kill regulatory reform.

Let’s watch Norm Macdonald’s classic Moth Joke on the Tonight Show with Conan O’brien again.

Palin and a sense of victimology.  Y’know, Emanuel used the word “Retarded” to describe liberals, right?

Here’s that Bill Watterson interview.  Interesting to note, the other two strip creators coming out of the 80s — Berke Breathed of Bloom County and Gary Larson of The Far Side — kinda had the same idea about just ending their creation.  well, Breathed maybe not.

18th Century French Libelling

Uguanda Gay tells his story

Sarah Palin’s endorsement good news for Rand Paul, and the “Liberty Movement”.  The Liberty Movmenet being synonomous with Ron Paul fans.

Image of the day.  a Trojan Horse image for story about China hacking Internet by way of cyber-war.

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