Thanksgiving in Cult Land

On November 16, 2009, Lyndon Larouche unveiled a big speech — published on the 18th — entitled “Brainwashed”.  The opening long-winded sentence:  
For those among us with any significant experience with commonplace instances of victims of what is called “brainwashing,” there should have been nothing surprising in the fact that certain former associates of a political association, who had spent as much as decades of their life briefly either in or long-since departed from of that association, should have been changed, by what is appropriately called “brainwashing,” into a decades-long obsession with hatred against me, not for any actual reason of what I might have done to them, but for what they, seemingly without rational intent, attempted to do on behalf of those well-known enemies of mine on which they had come to depend for the fears which controlled a crucial aspect of their personal mental life.
This was part and parcel of an Internal Dilligence campaign: the topic of brainwashing pestered into the cult’s internal and external literature — all of society and all of culture are brainwashed.  One key sign of the brainwashing: everyone who knows anything about Larouche thinks he’s nuts.  It resulted in the membership mindset that resulted in this odd little comment.:
LaRoucheisright said at 11:36 pm on November 24th, 2009:
Cocondeck: LaRouche is leading the fight. So call it what you want
. I think anyone who knows about LaRouche and isn’t supporting him at this point is brainwashed, so right back at ya dumb a$$.

An interesting thing about the Holidays and the Larouche org is that in recent years, the org has encouraged, or not discouraged, the LYM membership to touch base with their families, and visit them.  Never mind that the young recruits get an earful in being initiated about getting themselves off of “Mother’s Milk”.  Visit mom and dad, and they just might help defray the costs which encure in their mass deployments.

This “Brainwashing” alerting and warning campaign is a means to innoculate them from the hazards of stepping outside the cult’s bubble.
It’s also worth noting the internal and external literature has been packed with ralings against the members who are doubting in the predictive power of Larouche, coming after the forecast that October 12 would be the Day the world Descends into Armegeddon.  As per usual, the line has shifted to “phase shift”, an allowance to wait the next item of Economic Bad News — which, I gather, they’ll take Dubai for all it’s worth.  What of October 12?  Throw it in the bin with all the Octobers in the past 40 or 50 years.

But this berating of the Doubters in the midst does solve and innoculate another problem with the Thanksgiving Dinner stand by.  If I didn’t know that others were doing such a thing, I might just have to suck it up and survey the past few months of the LYM Basement Team’s presentations, available on youtube as well lpac itself, and see who doesn’t show up after Thanksgiving.  This is common practice, apparently, and a list of people who are “no longer with us” will be read after some Daily Briefing this week when it becomes apparent so and so has not returned.
Another thing you might watch, if so inclined, is to see if some of these LYM presenters have on a new suit.  This would demonstrate something along the lines of nerve wreck mom and dad wanting to help their wayward children out, but not wanting the horror of having their money wander through this cult.

The members coming back after Thanksgiving (the majority, I gather) will be rushed head-long back into World Historic Purposes.  A new Historic webcast, the eleventh of the year, is scheduled — either this week or next, I am not sure.  Whether the Larouchies are or are not a part of the TeaParty Movement (ideological and cause parasites) depends of definitions (and only the most telegenic Hitler Mustache posters are theirs) — and I guess the Larouchie celebre who descended from the morass is running for Congress.  Anyway, the Larouchies have disclaimed this ballast, and gone on to other pastures.  A lone Hitler Mustache holder floats into an “End the Fed” rally.  That’s one part of the Mass strike.  As well they will, in their minds, take over “We Are Change” — by putting their hastling of Al Gore into the historic lineage that brought us the Larouchies hastlings of Henry Kissinger. They and the org’s calling out of the “Nazi Policies” “Worse than Hitler” are responsible for Obama’s approval rating falling to 49 percent, “The Incredibly Shrinking Obama Presidency”.  (Point of order: every president since Johnson has had a period of time when their rating fell into the 30s.  Kennedy probably would have landed there  in his second term sans his assassination, leaving the string to have skipped just Eisenhower in going back to Truman.  And every one of these presidents has had a period of time when their ratings were in the 70s — though, I’ll need to check on that one.)    AND … cue calls of Bush Double standard for this writer’s concern in one… well, actually just one.

For those looking to see if old faces disappear, and if old faces are wearing new clothes… a quick peek see at the comments section of the youtube “Basement” productions… one clipped to this blog.
Tell obama to go fuck himself!!!!!!!!!!! You are an excellent newscaster!! Keep it up, very informative
A veritable Edward R Murrow.  And here’s an incoherent epithet –the word “Boomer”:
Boomer? what’s that now? Is that bad how? —
And how about some of that Wit they pick up in the org?
“So what’s the difference between Obama’s face and his asshole?  Well, when the same thing comes out of both ends, who can tell?”
antonio030562 (4 months ago) 
lighten up! and see beyond the delivery of the message and look to the ultimate agenda…to save you yr family and every one you know…
Your very survival is hanging on the balance and yr winging about what you perceive as inappropriate language…REALLY!

It occurs to me in rolling past these presentations and in seeing another conservative publication not let Robert Dreyfuss escape his past Robert Dreyfuss can’t escape his past to wonder if the LYM Basement team could even pull off writing a “Hostage to Khomeini” — blaming the British as it must, dedicated to Larouche as it must.  But … whatever.

Two other depositories of dumping– “The People’s Voice“, which we’ve seen before.  And Thom Hartmann’s website, weirdly coincidental in that I mentioned him once in relation to uses of Russian media outlets.

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  1. Justin Says: (one of those “Read the Whole Thing” items.)

    I take the hint. I smile at Alexandra and say “Thank you for talking to me and I’m sorry for being… oooh… what’s the word…?”

    And Alexandra chimes in with: “Not intuned with reality.”

    To which I reply: “Yes! That’s it. That’s what I was looking for. Sorry for not being intuned with reality! Hey sir [a passing stranger], did you realize that I was not intuned with reality? Because I did not know that until now.”

    I say my goodbyes. I shake her hand and tell her my name (giving her some right to spew some moral judgements at me now) and she hesitantly shakes mine and mumbles her name.

    Gad the political orientation tricks are annoying.

  2. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Of course, after going home at Thanksgiving to visit the folks, members–Boomers and LYMsters alike–had to “deploy” on the Sunday following Thanksgiving, rush into the boiler room, hop on the phones, etc., to make up for lost time. And money.

    Meanwhile, the “BRAINWASHED” document by LaRouche (he wrote it in all caps) has now been reprinted in EIR magazine under the utterly bizarre title “Person and Pain: BRAINWASHED.”


  3. Justin Says:

    Fulfilling the “Stink Bomb” role:
    The LaRouche folks must be hoppin’ made after an entire summer of being accused as Conservatives.) Besides, a few communists infiltrating Tea Parties certainly doesn’t compare with the debauchery regularly displayed in Frisco.

    Nay. Strictly speaking not “Hopping mad”. They’re fine enough with it to siphon some money off the edges. Beyond that?

    AND back to taking credit for things they didn’t do.

    It wasn’t exactly a “flight of fear”. Again we see how ranting obnoxiously in public is a questionable means of getting people to wake up.

    There’s a more sober version of the book signing here [Link]

    Whatever interpretation one casts here, shoe-horning Henry Kissinger into the frame is just kind of silly.

    Comments peppering up at old links (although months old now). Hey. It’s Steve!
    Steve says:
    September 28, 2009 at 1:27 am
    I am a longtime LaRouche supporter, but I don’t choose to argue the criticisms posted here. Others have already done so. Those who care about the truth will check out the various LaRouche websites and see for themselves. Those who do not chose to do so are not too credible on the subject, IMO.

    What seriously concerns me is that nobody here chooses to discuss or evaluation LaRouche’s assertion that applying cost-benefit analysis to Medicare, via an “independent” advisory panel (the IMAC proposal – you can Google it) is comparable, if not identical to Hitlers “Tiergarten 4″ panela in Nazi Germany. Why not figure out if the policies Obama is pushing really *will* result in the death of Medicare recipients before shooting off your mouths about “hate speech” which is arguably the simple truth.

    Just a thought,

    Emily says:
    October 6, 2009 at 2:50 pm
    Today when a student engaged in open debate with these people they responded not with intelligent debate, but name calling. When asked to define facism, these people call the student a “faggot”.

    They are idiots, plain and simple. Someone calls you out? Call ‘em names! This is the tactic of persons who have absolutely NO idea what they are talking about. They need to get off our campus and stop harassing us; I don’t pay the ridiculous amounts I do for these people to harass me and I don’t think anyone else does either.

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