Disembarking from the Tea Parties, Taking the Mass Strike Message straight to the Post Offices

Here’s the Obama Hitler sign of the day, making the rounds.

As always, the tendency is to pick out the most outrageous and inflamatory signage in these matters.  That disclaimer out of the way, I admit to having relatively little effect in the Hitler comparison derby for political figures.  In the war protests, the signs played off of various propaganda Hitler becomes a cartoony figure, and background noise.

This one, though.  Huh.  Just Huh.  Maybe no one at war protests during the Bush Administration had the sense of realism to approach the matter from that direction?

As for the Larouche organization, as we watch the dual Health Care protests on Capital Hill yesterday — Code Pink and assorted others into Lieberman’s office, Michelle Bachman leading a cast in the low four digits with Virigina Foxx speaking representing the “Tea Party” Movement…

where is the Larouche organization at now?  After single handedly organizing a “Mass Strike” through the Summer, (and the bit about Barney Frank got a mention in GQ’s list of the “50 Most Powerful People in Washington.”  There is another list of the “50 Most Powerful People in the Larouche Organization” — Rachel Brown did not quite crack it.) under the principles of Rosa Luxemberg, the organization has deemed the Tea Party Movement:

In direct response to the effect Lyndon LaRouche has had on the political situation in the wake of October’s phase-shift into an imminent spiral into a new dark age that will exceed the New Dark Age of the 14th century, Lyndon LaRouche today accused “the so-called “Tea Bag” movement of phony conservatives who call themselves opponents of Obama’s Hitler health policy, of putting itself at the head of an all-out effort by the British Empire to stifle the mass strike in the United States that threatens to topple the whole British-controlled health care debate and restore the United States to a Constitutional credit system rather than the British-Delphic monetary system. The phony “Tea Bag” movement,” LaRouche continued, which has sent bus tours across the United States, but is only drawing crowds of 300-1000, “set itself as its goal to coopt, preempt and demoralize the mass strike that began in August and led to the hundreds of thousands of ordinary American citizens attending thousands of town hall meetings called by senators and congressmen, to protest against Obama’s Hitler health policy.”

LaRouche called this “a transparent attempt to derail the mass strike, that reveals the desperation of the British Empire and its puppets like Obama, in the wake of the breakthrough agreement last week between China and Russia that represents a massive step towards the credit system that LaRouche has called for, […]

And etc.  That should absolve the Tea Party Movement of the Hitler Analogies, I suppose.  And in case any member of the Larouche organization is wondering where the “new dark age that will exceed the New Dark Age of the 14th century” is:
LaRouche also cautioned that “doubters in own ranks should know that they risk being exposed as idiots if they continue to doubt the massive phase-shift that took place in the middle of October, and the earthquake-like effect it has had on the mass strike.” LaRouche added that “they will be useless idiots, just as Lenin forecast” if they fail to shut their mouths and stop speaking bullsh*t.”

Does this mean they’re splitting their noxious role in the Tea Parties?  I guess so.  Hard to see how this does them any good.  They’re no longer hidden in groups of hundreds or thousands, now they’re heading on back over to Costume wearing against the Queen of England?  (That’s show Elizabeth III!!!)  And running down in groups of two or four to take the message to the Post Offices!

“We are here to get the truth out,” Frank Defalco said. “The economy is finished, it is never coming back.”
Protestor Carol Ruckert said that Obama’s health-care reform battle is a thinly veil plot to kill senior citizens.
“It is all a cover up for what they are doing,” Carol Ruckert said. “They are trying to ram through the euthanasia program. It is like what Hitler did in Nazi Germany. It is modeled on the Not Worthy to Live program.”
Those walking by largely ignored the demonstrators, and some denounced them outright.
Colleges, as per usual.
Taking donations.

Billington said the photo is supposed to represent the similarities between Obama’s end-of-life care policies and Adolf Hitler’s, which killed mentally ill people in Germany because it cost the state too much to care for them.
Billington said the photo is supposed to “stimulate thought and stimulate discussion.”
Besides disseminating information, the PAC members were taking donations. In a couple of hours they collected a little more than $100.
“Most people give us the thumbs up. Some people give us the finger,” Billington said.
He said they chose to protest in front of the post office because “people’s minds are thinking of sending messages to others,” making them more receptive to hearing new ideas.

Sounds very New Agey.  Anyway, a days’ worth of service garnered Billington and fellow trucker a little more than $100?  Really?
That should be enough to stave off the Costco “Free Sample Buffet Deal” that is, reportedly, the meal of choice for “Larouche Health Care Expert” (cited as such in the press!)  Nancy Spannaus.  (Hey!  Nothing wrong with the Costco Free Sample Buffet.)

One note worth a slight pause.

Sheridan said she avoided the booth.
“I believe in Obama, and they don’t,” she said. “I don’t think they should be allowed on government property.”

Careful there, Sheridan.  Belief won’t get you anywhere.
One thing to take away from that article, though, is that apparently Billington is at liberty to talk to the press — reliable enough as a man riding the tri-State circuit:  lives in New Jersey and protests every day, all over Connecticut and New York.  As opposed to, Dateline Rhode Island:
 The men, who declined to be interviewed for this story.  Instance #7.

Note to everybody: Do not throw piss-filled Balloons at these people.  Lest the comment here double back.
Also, a handy explanation to spotting a Larouchie from a Tea Partier:

Yep, the teabaggers (EDIT: Or possibly LaRouchies) have set up a little stand with a big poster featuring Obama with a Hitler ‘stache.
We know which via:
They have a bizarre fascination with Bach. Something along the lines of “Bach used polyphony, and the government must be polyphonic”.  Not a point a tea-partier would make.  I don’t know about the Civil War Camp Songs, though — you might have a convergence with that one.

I think it’s sad when anyone listens to anything Lyndon LaRouche says.

Sadness Generator #1:
As I seal the envelope to LaRouchePac, identifying my tax ID for political funding support (and in so doing calling into question my own credibility by publishing that here)
Good to be Self Aware. 
As I have stated to the LaRouche folks before, Lyndon’s credibility in Russia and China far exceeds his credibility here. Here in America he is unfortunately considered a wingnut. And when you attack Obama, calling him “clinically insane” you’re going to get that, despite any gracious attempt to excuse the attacks as a pent up expression of 60 years of political frustration.
He’s also not “considered a wingnut” by anyone but moonbats.  Meanwhile, Moonbats consider him a wingnut.

Sadness Generator #2LaRoucheisright:  Conservative and liberal are false categories. Those categories just put people in boxes.Join with LaRouche. Support “The LaRouche Plan” Go to

Sadness Generator #3:   Not that “We Are Change Philadelphia” takes it seriously.

Sadness Generator #4:  This clip was sent by my Big Bro, that was all for Obama until he had a five day visit with me ,i showed him many things that changed his mind ……ricklbert
LaRouche leads a discussion with patriotic forces in and around the US government as to how to save the United States from the British influence through the Obama administration.

Sadness Generator #5If there is a World War III it will be between The U.S. And Russia but, Russia doesn’t want to fight. They would rather like to do as LaRouche says and work with the U.S. because unlike us, The Russians are smart enough to see what is coming in the current future for the world and therefore The only next major thing that is going to happen is a general break down of the entire global economic system entering us into a new dark age so check it out at
Note the Confederate Flag.  Interesting.  Kind of anti-Linocln, isn’t it?  Anyway, I guess there are neo-Confederate Larouchies… unlike

Thought his background was interesting given his views. Is he a Zionist? A Larouche Zionist!?
As much as I dislike David P Goldman’s confession and saw it as self serving and knowingly dishonest… Goldman doesn’t deserve this write up as much as commenter “red in fc” at this blog post I posted to is a frothy mouthed partisan hack.

Mental Note: Run down “HK”‘s posts at “Wikipedia Review“.

4 Responses to “Disembarking from the Tea Parties, Taking the Mass Strike Message straight to the Post Offices”

  1. chator Says:

    Splitting with the teabaggers? Surprise, Surprise! The real surprise would be if they ever were in league with them to begin with. NCLC always makes temporary alliances with groups only long enough to figure out if they can take them over. When they find out they cann’t, that’s when they split. This is a trend you can trace back to SDS days. Hell, you can trace it back to LaRouche’s attempts to take over James Robertson’s Spartacus League, or Tim Wolhforth’s Worker’s League.

  2. Brian Hill Says:

    I am scared that the same ole things are happening again with the Youth Corps. the very reason the Anne Frank Foundation was made was to stop discrimination and prevent the Nazis from ever happening again but if Obama follows the same lunacy of Hitler we need a plan so we won’t end up in those horrid satan torture camps again!

  3. Justin Says:

    They’re long past the stage where they “figure out if they can take them over”. Taking over Wolhforth’s group is one thing, but the Teaparty Movement? Really, at this point it’s a game to keep the members on the treadmill, creating the illusion that they’re moving in and taking over mass movements. But you already knew that.

    With regard to Brian Hill, his was one of two comments in the harper. Going to his link, I see he’s a “NWO” type leaving links about. Fine. I can’t make heads or tails of the other one, and will probably delete it and assume it’s message spam.

    I may as well post these LPAC item here:

    In any case, the “side” those who became enemies, serving the side of Adorno, Arendt, and the Congress for Cultural Freedom, have chosen a virtual Hell. We are now confronted with the on-rush of the very early, general physical-breakdown-crisis of the cause which they have presently adopted. A nation which chose the pathway they have chosen is certainly a doomed destiny; only the course we have chosen, together with those, as in the United States, who have joined the cause of that mass strike, a mass strike akin to that of those who pulled down the DDR in late 1989, will leave this mortal life with justified pride in having lived — lived either in triumph of humanity’s or wearing defeat with eternal pride.
    In my lifetime, and in my knowledge of history earlier, I have seen generations come and go. I have witnessed generations which have borne the seeds of an honorable future, and those who have chosen that worse-than-death, to seek wealth and comfort in the delusions which are an opportunistic embrace of corruption. Admittedly, from my own life’s experience, I have known many who chose a Judas-like apostasy, and who may have also chosen to hang themselves in one fashion or another. Usually, the choice of apostasy had something to do with “money.” The society which they have chosen to serve is, in any case, doomed. We who fight still, are the guidon-bearers of a present or future, victorious humanity.

    … And the beat goes on.

  4. Justin Says:

    Park this:

    And this:

    Also track down Thom Hartmann’s appearance, which he described as being followed by a weird piece about Russian military beating Blackwater. (Also giving an opinion that this broadcast would want to hear: “Afghanistan will be Obama’s Vietnam”, propping up such American opinions one after another.) The Ron Paul accolyde is fascinating, because there you have a nobody (going to run a campaign in Pelosi’s super-safe district?) with no context explaining who this person is and is not.

    It’s one of Larouche’s big “Validators”, a few references and an appearance being propped up beyond proportion.

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