The Mysterious Disappearance of Drofnas (I mean Sanford)

To clarify my Sanford posting in the “Horse Race” post, when I saw the hoop-lah over Mark Sanford’s disappearance I knew what was happening was a lot of sharks circling around looking for a sex scandal.  I didn’t really believe the “Went hiking the Appalachia” story, but I didn’t disbelieve it either — I don’t know the fellow, and despite what people seem to think, a governor has a bigger field of privacy than a president!, nor was I particularly dismissive that an affair wasn’t the source of a cover-up, I just would much prefer to allow a politician, or whomever, to have the opportunity to jump away for a spell and hike the Appalachias, or whatever, without a presumption of something unsordid.

It’s a characteristic of the Internets that the reaction was to tap the “Hike Naked Weekend” and ponder that storyline.

When it turned out he dashed over to Argentina, I gathered that the sharks swimming around looking for dirt were about right, though it’s a curious affair.  So we have two Republican falls from grace within a week.  Two Republican Presidential Hopefuls?  Not particularly — Sanford would surely have run for office, as that sort of messanger candidate that doesn’t really accumulate a nomination, and Ensign’s Presidential Bubble was a nugget of a bored ever flowing chattering class apt to notice a politician ducking into Iowa.

But the bottom line is that I need to do a dusting off of this here.

I think I can safely pluck away the Kid — that was a case of kicking ’em while they were down, and Joe the Plummer is no longer a Republican.  But for the life of me I don’t know who to replace these three with.  I’ll get back to it, I guess.

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