well, at least he opened up China.

We still have Nixon to kick around.

And he weighs in on Roe v Wade with…

“There are times when abortions are necessary — I know that. . . . Suppose you have a black and a white, or a rape.”

I will forego the current parlor game of interpreting whether Nixon was equating rape with inter-racial sex or fighting the plague of mixed race progeny — I guess we take this as Nixon’s beyond the grave commentary on the current president.  It’s enough to make one start to suspect that Nixon had a Dark Side to his personality.

Fun Nixon fact: in 1974, at the height of Nixon’s unpopularity and disgrace, a Democratic pollster working for the Democratic Congressional candidates found that, according to his poll, and contrary to the results of the 1972 Nixon landslide, George McGovern won the election.  Similar to how polls show Obama’s margin of victroy over McCain has increased since that election.

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