The Face of the Republican Party right this minute

As far as I can tell, this is the current face of “The Republican Party”:

Okay.  The two people I am most amenable to replace from this list are Michelle Bachman and Jonathan Krohn — the first the “Crazy Aunt” of the week, the second that irascible 13 year old who charmed and wowed the “C-PAC” meeting, and left everyone else a little bemused.  Also, George Bush has done nothing to remeain here, but his presence lingers and until something fills the vacuum, there he sits… similarly to Dick Cheney, except he’s been out of his bunker a bit.

There are a good number of politicians who would be able to at any time break into this configuration, some people seeking a national profile wisely biding their time and letting this clusterfuck pass while consolidating a state or regional hold, other names from the past who are liable to stick their head out when they have a book to peddle.  But that will have to wait.  Right now, these 16 faces are your national Republican Party.  Good luck to them, I guess.

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