Wherein I relay news on a couple of radio personalities I don’t much care about

I’m not sure if it’s worth commenting on that a radio talk show host that I will actively not listen to is back, replacing her seat-warmer in the  radio host I passively allow into ear-shot, nor if I should try to explain some significance on this account to “Liberal Talk Radio” and / or KPOJ and whatever else you can attach it to.

Some things that can be found in poking about wikipedia.  I don’t understand this amount of loathing for Nancy Skinner, nor do I understand what underlies this statement:

2. Skinner was anti-Bush long before it was “cool” to be that way, whatever that means. The show, which started with the Monica Lewinsky debacle, was basically comprised of Ski Anderson and Nancy Skinner apologizing for Bill Clinton’s peccadilloes… until George W. Bush was first rumored to be seeking the Presidency. Then it was just anti-Bush, anti-Bush, all the way to the end. Ya gotta love it, because you just can’t like it.

Anyway, it probably violates the “Not For General Discussion” rule of wikipedia.

Now, looking over at the wikipedia article for the company that previously had Randi Rhodes’s contract — and the bizarre “whatevers”:

Rhodes’ last show on Nova M before an abrupt break was February 3, 2009. Political commentator and one-time Congressional candidate Nancy Skinner hosted the show in Rhodes’ absence beginning February 5. Following this, Anita Drobny of Nova M Radio posted a message on the Nova M site saying that they were unable to disclose details of what is going on due to Rhodes’ having complete control of the show, and that Rhodes “now has to make her decisions as to what she must do with her career”.[4] Mrs. Drobny has also said, “People are saying it’s about money. It’s not about money at all. I just could not fulfill one of her requirements.” She did, however, note the financial impact of Rhodes’ departure: “I looked at [our] site, and I see that because Randi Rhodes isn’t on, there are so many people leaving the Founders Club [which involves a fee paid to Nova M]. And you can’t operate without people’s participation.” [5]Additionally, Rhodes’ own Web site was taken down, and replaced with a letter from Rhodes to supporters stating that the entire situation is within Nova M’s control, any implication that Rhodes is responsible for the disruption is false, and that Rhodes’ show will be “seeking a new home” in light of the recent developments.[6] According to an individual familiar with the issue, Nova M agreed to provide certain standard legal protection for the popular radio host, but Rhodes had to leave the air and Nova M following a discovery that Nova had not lived up to its contractual promise.[7] Subsequently, on February 19, 2009, Nova M Radio announced that they would be filing for bankruptcy liquidation, but no such filing has yet occurred.[7]

Stephen Lemons, a blogger for the Phoenix New Times, has suggested that On Second Thought has also ceased to exist[2], and radio station KKGN, which airs Mike Malloy’s show, has reported on its blog that Malloy is now self-syndicated.[8] Records available from the Arizona Corporation Commission as of 11 March 2009 (2009 -03-11), however, indicate that the LLC (which was originally formed in 2003[9]) remains in good standing[9] (at least with respect to the Arizona state government).

I like how it has to end with an existential question for “On Second Thought”:  if your radio station is boarded up to deny your entry and flipped to Spanish, but you retain filings in a drawer in a government office, do you still exist?

“Randi Rhodes” will, I guess, now be the “#1 rated Progressive Radio Host”, based on the distribution of who she just signed with — Clear Channel / Premier.  I guess this means she’ll be shuffled onto any number of radio stations.  Eventually.  If there were many Clear Channel stations that had picked up “Air America” to fill one of its place-holding stations left, she’d be bumped to those, but casually watching the ebb and flow of this I think they largely flipped back to their pre-appointed canned formats.

Bah.  Why do I care?  If there were any way I can cement 610 AM off my radio dial for the 6 hours of 12 pm to 6 pm so that I can’t accidentally hear it, let me know.

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