India Child Bride makes waves with the answer “I Won’t”

I think I’ll Join this Congregation.

Jermey McCarther reviews the Footnoted Edition of “Wind in the Willows” for Newsweek, April 27th edition
Kurt Soller briefly looks at the Log Cabin Republicans’ current organizational troubles

Mike Schmitt for the American Prospect, May:
“Expert Advice”, A Kennedy speech and its laying out of the death of the Liberal Concensus and over-ripe anti-intellectualism

Katherine Newman and Rourke O’Brien for The Nation, May 4:
“Dixieland Blues”:  History from the Great Depression and the South shall Fall Again

Harvey Klehr for the Weekly Standard, 4-18:
“Little Old Traitor: blah blah, remnants of Cold War

BBC Profile of Jacob Zuma, Get to Know South Africa’s Next President

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