2012 Republican Presidential Cattle Call

It’s never too early to concoct a “Cattle Call” ranking for the 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls.

Well, actually, yes.  Yes it is.  Absurdly early.  Not only that, but even in the “thick” of early 2012 it would be a little silly.  But, I do absurd!  Who’s up, who’s down, who’s what…

#1:  Mitt Romney.  By default.
#2:  Newt Gingrich.  No,haschance.  But, as “Idea Man” for the Republicans has maintained his role.  Supplies the Republican party with plenty of ideas.  Just none of them are any good.
#3:  Bobby Jindal.  I think his volcano monoitoring statement will haunt him in the general election.  I don’t know how his past Exorcism will work in today’s Republican Party.  Would it expose some anti-Catholic feeling from the fundamentalist tongue-speakers?
#4:  Mark Sanford.  A new line is out there:  “Dated Paul, Married Sanford.”  Granted, he’s pulled in some of Paul’s more establishment backing, and has excited a part of the Tea-party contingent, and is favorably viewed by today’s John Birch Society, but I don’t think he’ll ever get Paul’s 9/11 Truth contingent.
#5:  Mike Huckabee.  He’s risen in this thing.  Two things:  The Iowa ruling on same sex marriage has opened the door for him, but more importantly is the continued demise of
#6:  Sarah Palin. Cut loose her national advisors, and is currently working on alienating everyone in Alaska.  Also John McCain forgot her name.
#7:  TimPawlenty.  If he had no national ambitions, he would probably ratify Al Franken’s Senate seat by now.
#8:  Rudy Giuliani.  No, probably in his head knows he has no path to the White House.  But it’s impossible to view his new stance on same sex marriage as a matter of conviction, and it’s hard to see why it would be necessary for the New York Governor’s mansion.
#9:  Michael Steele.  When asked, said the matter was in God’s Hands.

All right.  How about the Democrats?

#1:  Barack Obama.  No comment.
#2:  Um… Hillary Clinton.  If you search hard enough, you will find remnants of ye olde “PUMA Movement” online still keeping the faith.
#3:  You think Dennis Kucinich might try for anotehr ever more quixotic campaign?

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