Existential Questions and comments abound

Scott McLemee, noted art and culture critic, shall now face an existential question offered up from “Leaterstocking”, noted Larouchian wikipedia Sock Puppet.  If there is no wikipedia article devoted to you, do you exist?  On March 26, 2009, as seen in a not easily link-specified place here:

The fact that there is no article about McLemee suggests that he may not be notable enough to be mentioned as a critic. Perhaps you ought to author an article about him if you disagree. But regardless, how does being an “award winning book critic” qualify him to offer criticism of political groups?

The perfunctory search engine search suggests that devotees to Carrol Quigley (good overlap there), Thomas Pynchon, Christopher Phelps, and the Spartacist League do not have this same problem with the matter of Scott McLemee’s existence.  But trimming Scott McLemee from the entry is key to Leatherstocking’s sense of balance:

I removed the neutrality tag, because I was satisfied that the article had been returned to a balanced state, but I see that Will Beback has tilted it once more toward his team’s POV.

“Neutrality tag” removed with the “clean editing job” (in the eyes of this Larouchian sock puppet) during the time that “Will Beback” was on vacation.  I bet Scott McLemee didn’t even realize he was on a team.  The LYM as a wikipedia entry poses the probelm that nobody much is paying attention much — there is another struggle to get a couple of dead-link college newspaper articles off, key in that the college environ is the primary place the LYM has a presence enough for anyone to care to demand an article.  Remove such and we are left with the only focal point that takes the LYM seriously at face value:

Remember that in Reliable Sources it says that fringey sources should be used only as sources about themselves and in articles about themselves or their activities. Thus, LaRouche sources may be used in this article, just as your writings would be appropriate in the article Dennis King. If the material is clearly attributed, the reader can judge its credibility.

But noted cultural and art citics have been removed from the discussion.  (Incidentally, Scott McLemee ceased a “Fringe Watch” on his blog, apparently answering the age old question “What is the role of a critic in a society?” with “Not to spend an undue amount of time commenting on perhaps fascinating, but largely irrelevant political sects.”)

I do not think the LYM warrants a wikipedia page.  In a better world, one where wikipedia editors don’t feel the need to bargain with participants of an elaborate playground mimicry of Mission Impossible shows, this LYM article would be surmised by the sentiments expressed with the Avi Klein citation, perhaps with some citation to some Larouche pronouncments, and perhaps with the items concerning Jason Ross (and there might be two too many “perhaps”es there)– and then tucked firmly into the wikipedia article on the “Larouche Movement”.  As is, the first thing we learn about the LYM on the wikipedia article is that their “war-room” is located in Leesburg — a fact that in its proper context is filed under “LYM planned as instrument to outlast Larouche”.

I have two problems with this British “Channel 4” news report on the “Justice for Jeremiah” Wiesbedan trek:

#1:  skip to the 2:42 mark and wait for the phrase “with views seen by many as anti-Semitic and anti-British“.  I suppose we haggle a tad with “anti-Semitic” and its role, and just what it is to reference a Locust here or there, but I’m wondering who views his call for War Against Great Britain as not being “anti-British”.  (Well, theoretically those who schlep that completely over to the “anti-semitic code language”, I guess — notably some posters at the neo-nazi “Storm Front” board.)
#2, and a wee bit more important, and this is something I harp on a bit:  Skip to 3:42,  “On their website, however, they expressed”.  For the love of god, if you’re going to report on what they expressed on their website, please expand your purview from that narrow line and mention the broader conspiracy it finds that the Duggans have been a part of Tony Blair and Dick Cheney’s goal to destroy Larouche.  (At the very minimum.)

And now it’s time for The “Howie G” Show.  First a few of the loopier comments he posted to former member “European”‘s blog:

Howie G said…
You should celebrate satanic culture, since you’re a satanist. You’re obviously totally shameless. All Lyndon tried to do is take away your right to call your banal and stupid “music” beautiful and creative. That’s enough to make you kill.Since you only consider the erotic to be valid, that obviously ruins your “trip.”
Howie G said… You’re a member of the cult of the lazy do-nothing. What do you do for a living
Howie G
said… How many times a day do you wack-off, buddy?

Seems to be a couple of lines of inquiry.  Notice the brand new Larouche sock puppet at wi:kipedia (brand new, that is, unless it’s the nineteenth or thereabouts iteration of the figure who originally went by the Simpsons reference “Herschel Kurstofsky”) at Dennis King:

Not much biographical information in this article. He published a book in 1995 — anything since then? What does he do for a living? —Preceding unsigned comment added by Coleacanth

Colecanth, eh?  I don’t much know the answer.  Doesn’t Larouche have a line on that?  Something about Drug Money or something?
Which brings us to the next Howie G blog entry… for the life of me, I don’t see what from the LPAC link to a London Times piece I’m supposed to view as troubling regarding George Soros.  But if finding some sense of adventure from fleeing the Nazis excites “Howie G” , so be it..  There is a tinge of “huh” with this statement:
continues his anti-human tradition, by literally pushing drugs.

I suppose I advocate legalizing two things I’m not going to take advantage of: gay marriage and marijuana.  The latter is so anti-human that this. (Then again, that would have had to have been during an Aristotlean Dark Ages Epoch.)

Ironic, as I posted the list of evil conspirators gleaned from the essay “A Defense of Poetry” to a message board I frequent I had the response:
Uhh…errr…I can only assume the author was on a major drug trip whem he wrote that little jem. Or how does that old saying go?…
‘psychotics build imaginary houses and neurotics live in them.’

Some fascinating discourse on a Larouche speech found in the comments section here.  I guess this is what a Platonic dialouge in Leesburg would sound like?

IFUCKUBITCh says:  yea if we can all work together, we can destroy UK. If we fall into UK’s trap and keep fighting each other, UK is going to gain even more influence.
The gameplan:  nope UK & US will start the war, US will lose ground and then betray UK, US & Russia with send all their nuke to UK at the same time and end the war.

Load1Bongs1Not1Guns chimes in to put this man in his proper credentials:  That man is a former presidental canidate, and you are watching celebrities.

Calebsaccount defends the British:  your a ing hole dude, britians one of the best countries and arnt evil they are trying constantly to help the usa end what will soon be world war 3

Habs1009 lays out his view: world war 3 will start with a coalilation led by russia ft islam nations, ethiopia, turkey vs israel. it will be thwarted by jesus christ. another war will happen7 years later. all the nations led by the antichrist except for russia, china, india, japan, and north korea. the antichrists forces will beat russia the march on israel, after that the asians 200 plus million man army. they will all die

To put a spin on an old saying, “‘psychotics build imaginary houses and psychotics live in them.” Sometimes.

Like posting to an article from Adolf Hitler about vegetarianism.

A good friend sent me the link to this well produced video that makes some excellent points. I am fully aware that the source of this video may call into question its veracity, but I have been doing a lot of research for the past year or so and have come to the conclusion that FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) has been spread about LaRouche as well as about nuclear power.

Hm.  Note to the Org: Here’s a good contact for funding!
Meanwhile, another good source for the Larouche organization might to roll down is the list of commenters at this Alex Jones article.  They’ve tapped the same conspiratorial veins.  (But I guess they’d have to remove Obama from the equation in contact… for the moment?)

Though we’ll run into this from the “Science Movement” quadrant:

I also learned that British royalty is an elaborate front for the opium trade, and many other things my education and common sense had led me to embrace falsehoods.

Lindon, bless your heart, your village called, seems they want thier idiot back.


When Joshua Micah Marshall expanded his blog to this community type thing, I don’t think he had in mind providing a forum for Larouchies to peddle their propanda.  And so the question:

Admin question.  How does this diary with no recs make the rec list?
An interesting answer is proferred.  LaRouche is all powerful.
I actually accidentally provided one of these diary entries with a “recommendation”, making one recommendation two, thinking I would be able to deign who the heck recommended it by clicking.  Alas — I’m part of the problem.

This comment is the Comment on the Century!:

The Oligarchs and their low life lackeys are feeling the heat, eh, and you L.M. do not like that because laRouche is so very effective in rallying real patriots from around the globe against them? Tell the truth who do you work for? Bring forward your notable champion of vice and debate laRouche concerning the last 50 yrs. of current history as to what really happened to our nation and the world! Who has the balls to come forward? Your half-truths are bullshit, good to cover your own ass, but a slippery slope to hell for anyone who falls for it! For daring to speak truth to the unspeakable powers, thus unmasking these evil untouchables and their world class criminal tools, traitors, and fools, the fearless folk hero and true American patriot, Lyndon LaRouche was railroaded. Many of those same enemies of LaRouche and of our nation today, still remain protected by the opinion makers of the opinion makers above the law. He was in fact an American political prisoner of George H. W. Bush.! Unlike you and your fiends, LaRouche is the only living economist on the planet, who was always right! LaRouche’s ideas concretized as policy of the United States would save this republic, and the enemies of this nation do not want the nation state to survive under Globalization(Empire). What is needed now is an all-out mobilization to ensure LaRouche’s plan goes into effect—and that those who seek to block it are removed from power. If we would have listened to LaRouche the world would not now have come to endless bailouts and the brink of a new dark age.

Huh.Are you sure you’re not Webster Tarpley?

Anyway — attention Joshua Micha Marshall: dailykos can immediately delete these things when they eke into his “diary” community, why can’t you?

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  1. rachel holmes Says:

    Well, it’s good to see that “Howie G’s” capacity for political discourse hasn’t diminished any over the 35 years he’s been in the LaRouche org.

  2. Justin Says:

    Of particular interest: http://www.theyworkforyou.com/debates/?id=2009-03-24a.260.4&m=1831#g262.0

    Old newsprint pile dump:

    Boston Globe-November 11, 1993
    Author: David Arnold, Globe Staff

    Supporters of extremist Lyndon LaRouche are leafleting Newton households with literature attacking the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith as bigots, prompting about a dozen complaints to police. ”Speaking personally, I find this whole thing offensive because the ADL does such good work educating people about hate, racism, and anti-Semitism,” said Newton Police Lt. Robert McDonald.

    However, he said there appears to be nothing illegal about the leafleting.

    Residents take particular offense because much of the leafleting was done on Monday, the 55th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a horribly memorable night in the Nazi persecution of German Jews that culminated in the Holocaust.

    “I find prejudice against any group to be highly repugnant, but this is clearly being done to coincide with the Kristallnacht anniversary,” said Dr. Rochelle Friedman of Newton.

    Leonard Zakim, New England ADL regional director, said, “Anti-Semitism has suddenly gotten much nastier. They’ve made it personal.”

    The material tucked into hundreds of doors includes a $7, 150-page book titled “The Ugly Truth About The ADL,” published by LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review, and a flier detailing legal issues facing a branch office of the ADL in San Francisco.

    The San Francisco attorney general’s office is probing whether the league, in its efforts to combat bigotry, may have violated civil liberties by obtaining confidential Registry of Motor Vehicles records.

    A telephone number noted on the flier is registered to Hamilton Distributors Inc. of Braintree.

    Doris Langlois, who initially spoke for the leafleting effort when the number was called, said Newton had been targeted “because that’s where the Jews are.”

    William Ferguson, a correspondent for the Executive Intelligence Review, then called the Globe. He stressed that the leafleting was being done in several Greater Boston communities and had no bearing on the Kristallnacht anniversary.

    LaRouche, a New Hampshire native and four-time presidential candidate, was sentenced in 1989 to 15 years in prison for conspiring to defraud contributors and the Internal Revenue Service.

    Oregonian, The (Portland, OR)-October 10, 1993
    Author: JAMES MAYER and RICK BELLA of the Oregonian Staff
    Summary: A representative gets a hearing before the City Council, which listens to the complaint but is not sympathetic
    Understand, Patrick L. Ruckert wasn’t saying he thought the police officer was part of some dark conspiracy or anything. In fact, the cop was “really not that far out of line.”
    But Ruckert, representing Executive Intelligence Review, a magazine founded by right-wing political extremist Lyndon LaRouche, wanted the Portland City Council to know it was treading on shaky ground when it interfered in citizen rights of free association.
    The association Ruckert had in mind, however, was hardly free. It was an association between an elderly Portland woman and the subscriptions solicitor for the $396-per-year weekly.
    Here’s how this matter found its way to the council chambers last week:
    A cab driver dispatched to pick up a $65 check from a woman called police because he thought the woman might be senile and a potential scam victim. The officer telephoned American Systems Publications in Los Angeles, regional distributors for the magazine, which said it picked the woman’s name from voter registration lists. It had arranged to pick up the subscription fee by cab because she was too infirm to get to the mailbox.
    The officer told the solicitor he would advise the woman not to subscribe.
    American Systems Publications didn’t take that kind of police treatment lying down. It complained to the Police Bureau’s internal investigations division that the officer had unlawfully interfered with a business transaction.
    The division denied the complaint, and the solicitor appealed to the Police Internal Investigations Auditing Committee, a citizens advisory panel that reviews police misconduct cases. The committee commended the officer involved.
    The council held a hearing Wednesday on the committee’s annual report.
    Ruckert testified that the officer may have been justified in questioning what was “perhaps not a normal type of transaction,” but he said there was no evidence that the subscription sales were not legitimate.
    The commissioners listened politely, then accepted the committee’s report.
    “I think the officer acted with extreme discretion and propriety,” Commissioner Charlie Hales said, adding that the cab driver was applying good citizenship as well.
    Commissioner Gretchen Kafoury suggested that Ruckert could take his case to the Metropolitan Human Relations Commission.

    THE SEATTLE TIMES-March 13, 1988

    WASHINGTON _ A talkative Panamanian defector made hemispheric headlines last month, claiming that the CIA provided strongman Gen.
    Manuel Noriega derogatory personal information on his leading U.S foes.
    The CIA angrily and categorically denied exiled diplomat Jose Blandon’s claims _ and probably with good reason, Senate investigators now concede.
    They now suspect the dossiers were prepared, not by the CIA, but by a private intelligence network with good connections to the National Security Council and the CIA: the network of political extremist Lyndon LaRouche.
    Such dossiers are a specialty of LaRouche’s security division, according to former LaRouche aides and clients who asked not to be identified. In addition, a follower testified in a recent trial in Boston that he had often faked documents to make them appear as though they’d originated with the CIA.
    Blandon, who declined repeated interview requests, testified that he saw no letterheads, only dirt on the sex and drinking habits of Sens. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass.; Jesse Helms, R-N.C., and two aides.
    Panamanian military intelligence provided the files, naming the CIA and National Security Council as its sources, Blandon said.
    LaRouche, a rightist with a leftist past, is a political phenomenon simultaneously running for president and on trial in Boston for credit-card fraud. He supports Noriega stoutly and Panama’s government newspapers often cite LaRouche’s “Executive Intelligence Review,” a newsletter prepared by a small, worldwide network of zealots.
    Personal attacks on Helms and Kennedy similar to those described by Blandon have appeared in the Panamanian press, citing LaRouche’s Intelligence Review as their source, according to Senate and Panamanian exile sources.
    A LaRouche aide dismissed the allegations as “CIA disinformation,” but LaRouche’s close ties to administration decision-makers are undeniable.
    Norman Bailey, for example, senior economic adviser to the NSC in the first Reagan administration, met with LaRouche or his aides about a dozen times while at the White House, Bailey said in a recent interview. “His people have some terrific connections,” he explained.
    “They really go out and talk to prime ministers and economic ministers. You’ll never catch the CIA doing that.’

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