John Howard is sleeping where Obama will be sleeping next week

I was always kind of hoping that the staff of the White House in the Bush Administration would remove all the “O”s from the keyboards, and that there would be some kind of photographic evidence of such an act.  This way, I could actively not care about it — as opposed to the fisco behind the “The out-going Clinton White House Staff removed the ‘W’s” story which, for the life of me, I don’t know if ever occurred — though for the press it got in some areas and some circles, if it didn’t, the evidence would have to be manufactured of keyboards with “Property of White House” stamped on with that “W” removed.

As it was, there was an explicit statement not to remove the “O”s.  Supposedly.  These things circulate.

That being said, Bush managed a more egregious snub.  Obama requested that the room of the White House which the incoming president and his family moves into — the Blair House — a tad early in order to accomodate the schooling of their daughters.  But, no, the Blair House was booked.  I, and any number of others out here in the peanut gallery, have been wondering — booked for who?

As it turns out, booked for former Australian president John Howard.  Bush has shoved Obama aside for a modest favor for John Howard — the longtime Australian head whose country finally axed in part due to disgruntlement over Iraq — replaced by a man who is seen on youtube eating his own earwax.  So, for that honor he gets to bump Obama.

Priorities in order, I suppose.  It’s a slight.  Slight slight.  Move on, nothing to see here.

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  1. Says:

    Wouldn’t it be more fun to remove the ‘E’?

  2. Justin Says:

    We’ll probably have to wait for President Egert Edelten.

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