Gordon Smith is running on fumes

Gordon Smith is now running ads attacking his opponent.  His opponent being Constituion Party candidate Dave Brownlow.  Not so much Democratic Party candidate Jeff Merkley anymore, it would seem.

Apparently Dave Brownlow is too dangerous to be entrusted to the US Senate.  If true, we can breathe a sigh of relief knowing full well that Dave Brownlow is not going to get anywhere close to the US Senate – as befitting a member of the “Constitution Party”, he will get single digit returns.

Apparently Dave Brownlow is too liberal.  But really, he’s so conservative that he sling-shots back to liberal (to the left of Merkley) on a number of issues, particularly on the surface level — but Smith has to beware his right-plank who are apt to throw protest votes Brownlow’s way.  Brownlow’s response to the charge of being given that “liberal” label is to point out the campaign Smith has been running — where he has attached himself to Obama, Wyden, Ted Kennedy, and whatshername — that former Democratic state representative strong on gay issues.

The strategy is bizarre.  Shouldn’t Smith be attacking Jeff Merkley?  There are more votes to be gotten from people stuck in that old habit of choosing between a Republican and a Democrat and not much looking at those negligibly funded third party candidates.  Maybe there’s still time to find footage of Merkley eating a burrito?

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