Tito the Builder goes to bat for Joe the Plumber

I was not sure if I was kidding or not when I thought “Joe the Plumber is going to put in a run for Congress.”  Of course he is.   I’m sure he’ll spearhead the big wave of Republicans that will come to victory in 2010 from disenchantment with the Obama Administration.

He’s sure to have a rough road of it with the media elites.  But he has a weapon of his own.  Tito the Builder has Joe the Plumber’s back.  But Tito the Builder, now that he has entered the media spotlight, is mindful of the media scrutiny he is about to get, and the partisan slings that will be tossed his direction.  He speculates, “Maybe they’re going to bring out Bill Richardson calling me a racist.”

When asked to comment on Tito the Builder, Bill Richardson replied “Huh?”

But I think the McCain / Palin has put themselves into a box by forcing a “[Name]” “the” “[occupation verb] -er” construction.  They should branch out and away from the “er” in these final five days of the campaign, and produce Al the Shoe-Salesman.

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