Brace yourself for these news items

A couple of skinheads planned to do what?

Kill 88 black people, decapitate 14 more blacks, and then assassinate Barack Obama.

And this was going to be accomplished… how?  They were going to blast past the various road-blocks inevitably set up if they had garnered any success on this path, “Shoot to Kill” if necessary — how?  Theirs was essentially a neo-nazi fever dream, completely divorced from reality.  This was not a serious threat on Barack Obama’s life — I’m guessing if you have some intention of killing the president you pretty much have to keep a low profile, and killing 104 people is going to raise your profile sufficinetly to stop you from that deed.  But it was a serious threat on the lives and safety of … I can’t quite come up with where a reasonable limit would have been on what would have been accomplished if they weren’t dunderheads.  I am reminded of Columbine High School, whose two perpetrators had plans of blowing up their high school — as it turned out, reasonably successful (sigh), though not to the full capacity they had imagined– and then hi-jacking a plane and crashing it in New York, with some vague ideas of escaping into Mexico — ludacrous, and the unreality of it stops you cold — but, they carried out the first part of the giant scheme with cold efficiency even if the next part of the scheme sort of trails off into incoherence.  In this case, I don’t know what the bridge from killing somewhere short of 88 black people is, what they have that would convince me that they would get to 88, what the bridge would be to get from there to the more delicate task of decapitating 14 more, and then what the bridge is that would get them in aim of Barack Obama.  It falls apart pretty quickly, but in the meantime you’re still stuck with bullets through… someone.

I suspect that in the likely Barack Obama presidency we’ll see a lot of stories like this, and a “Barack Obama Would-be Assassination Watch” as a blog might gain some traction as a somewhat perverse somewhat informative news aggregator.  As troubling, perhaps more so since nobody is running around with Secret Service surrounding them, the fever dreams of starting “race wars” swirling around their minds which would lead into, in this instance the aiming of a black school.  The hope is basically that all our nutcase Hate fueled plots are attempted by clueless boneheads like these two, lest someone pull off an actual plot.

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