9/11 Truthers About Town

There’s this International Hostel located in Northeast.  It has a giant blue-background sign up for Barack Obama — Obama’s name written in large white block letters.  Someone has, in stages, been writing in the letters such things as “Tri-Lateral Commission”, “Council of Foreign Relations”, “9/11 Was an Inside Job”, “Infowars.com”, and “NO CHANGE!!!”

The sort of Insurgent 9/11 Truth plastering continues as stickers have been posted inviting the passer-by to some 9/11 Conspiracy websites — the same that are chalked about the town sidewalks.  It is an interesting change from things that go on in the pastm, and go on right now, where supporters of the other candidate would scribble anti-Obama and pro-McCain messages.  I assume that if there were a McCain sign of similar vintage somewhere in this city it would be vandalized in the same manner — CFR/Tri-Lateral/9-11 Inside Job — somehow they all blur into one.

I sort of want to catch the vandalizers in the act, because I want an answer as to what they think they are doing.  Is someone going to happen by this sign and think “Wow.  I never thought of that.”  Will this direct them to Alex Jones’s website or the various blogs — where they will be introduced to that neat oragami trick with the dollar bill to show the toppling towers if you fold the money just right?

In front of the public library, a giant “9/11 Inside Job blahdeblah911truth.blogspot.com” has been chalked, as often is the case.  Also as often is the case a man was hawking, while standing on this message, copies of “Street Roots”.  This seems an incongruent message, even if it is not mutually exclusive that 9/11 Truthers would be concerned with the plight of the Homeless or that a homeless man might think that 9/11 Was an inside job.  It’s dual purpose space, I suppose.

I am starting to think of referring to all manner of situations as “Inside Job”.  My apples have gotten rotten, for instance.  It was an Inside Job.  I accidentally died my underwear pink in the Laundary.  It was… an inside job.  Run with it, I say.

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  1. zeitgeistmovie.com Says:


    Titled:”9/11 Truthers About Town”


    The importance of Freedom Of Speech is not to Protect Popular belief and opinions. Popular belief needs no protection. For it is most commonly misunderstood as the truth.
    IT IS UNPOPULAR belief that needs the protection. HENCE: FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    This Post I am commenting on poses ignorance against Our right to expose unknown truths.

    So… When you hear someone screaming at the top of their lungs statements you dont agree with, thank god you live in a free world.
    Well…..READ ON.

    It is perfectly possible for a man to be out of prison, and yet not be free – to be under no physical contraint and yet to be a psychological captive, compelled to think, feel and act as the representatives of the national state, or of some private interest within the nation, wants him to think, feel and act…. The nature of psycholical compulsion is such that those who act under constraint remain under the impression that they are acting on their own initiative. The victim of mind-manipulation does not know that he is a victim. To him the walls of his prison are invisible, and he believes himself to be free. That he is not free is apparent only to other people. his servitude is strinctly objective.

    -Aldous Huxley

  2. Justin Says:

    What a puzzling comment (regarding assault on free speech, that is, as opposed to the mind-control spiel which at least follows your standard dictates). You have the right to speak, surely, just as I have the right to walk right on past you. I doubt you have the right to deface that item of private property on private property. If in a jury regarding city code about chalk in front of the Library, I believe I would vote to acquit, whatever the law may say. And continue to mock.

    Remember, though, if they get you to ask the wrong questions, they won’t have to worry about the answers.

  3. September Clues Says:

    The media was broadcasting fake, manipulated images of planes on 911. Believing the government’s fairytale of planes is the central problem with fully understanding the 911 event. Real jets might miss their targets, get shot down, suffer pilot or computer errors, destroy or prematurely detonate any explosives, passengers could have overtaken the hijackers, and/or the plane might not inflict enough perceived damage to make a collapse believable.

    A single fact which cannot be refuted is that a hollow aluminum plane (especially fragile wings) cannot slice through steel beams and concrete without any damage to the plane. Aluminum planes are not built for impact and crumple immediately upon contact with solid objects; even a small bird can rip through a jet’s wing.

    There was only one single “live” feed on 911 – from which all the TV networks used as broadcast content. All other videos and images started to appear in the days, weeks and months following 911. To consider the media footage showing a plane slicing thru steel and concrete as reality is ludicrous. Real planes would have been a potential liability for the perps on 911. It was easier to control the outcome of the event with much less risk by using the media to broadcast fake imagery.

    Furthermore, a large speeding jet’s vortex trails behind it creating a highly active atmosphere which follows in its path. Had a real plane impacted a WTC Tower, real film footage would have recorded the airliner’s vortex interacting with and violently dissipating the smoke from the alleged crash and the adjacent North Tower. No vortex literally means no planes on 911 (TV fakery).

    There were no planes; only spoofed images, manipulated witnesses and falsified evidence. Wake up, the media was a complicit partner in on the crime from the beginning. In fact, the TV psyop 911 couldn’t have been pulled off without the mass media’s assistance.

    Watch September Clues

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