Wandering through the Mist

About a month ago I was walking to my bus-stop at just after 6 in the morning.  I looked down and saw two peculiar items.  One was a torn cover for the latest Lyndon Larouche pamphlet, something entitled “Doom” or something like that.  This was evidence that, yes indeed, the merry band of Larouchites had wandered in and through the city.  The other item was a glossy page of pornography showing one silicone enhanced woman licking the butt of another silicone enhanced woman.  I gather that the two items were once in the possession of the same person, and I wonder what the person who had them did with the two items, and which one amused him the most.

I suppose the DNC meeting this weekend will have a contigency of Larouchites leaching off the Hillary Clinton backing protesters.  Where this will get them, hard to say.  Compare the Homer Simpson quote:  “Your ideas are intriguing and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.”  WITH an item from here:  “I’m not able to truly understand what they want to do,” Irons said. “Their weird evangelism is off-putting to me.”

The story is the reoccuring story of the past 30 years, though nothing much comes of them, as with:

Irons described the behavior of LaRouchites when they come to the county meetings: “Mostly, they’re pretty quiet in meetings—then they’ll ask a non-sequitor question,” she said.

But non-sequitor to whom?  This is what they believe they are doing:

On the League of Women Voters’ website, LaRouchite candidate Ian Overton has posted a “position paper,” written by Amelia Robinson, of the Schiller Institute, one of the institutions associated with the LaRouche organization. The paper is more of a letter of advice to the six LaRouche candidates: Overton, Jon Stuart (incumbent), Ben Deniston, John Craig, Ramiro Bravo and Oyang Teng.In part, it says: “Though this is a seriously messed-up world, with Lyn’s and Helga’s [Lyndon and Helga LaRouche] wisdom and experience you can’t go wrong. You are building the foundation for bigger and better positions (be sure you keep your mind and body clean), so don’t stop keeping your eyes on the prize (President). Above all, keep your hand in the Hand (God’s) of the man who troubles the waters. To get to the top, be kind, patient, and loving, as well as truthful.”

Interesting that Helga is being shuffled into these position papers, no? 

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  1. rachel holmes Says:

    If Amelia wrote that in that way, I’m Santa Claus. No sentence of Amelia’s ever started “Though this is a seriously messed-up world.”

    Someone must be doing some ghost-writing for her–not surprising, since she is very old.

    BTW, apparently three veteran LaRouche followers, Nancy Spannaus, Anton (Tony) Chaitkin, and Katherine Notley, have gotten themselves elected or otherwise installed as Clinton delegates at some level of the process in the Virginia Democratic Party.

    All three hail from Leesburg, VA, headquarters to the Boomer Faction of the LaRouche International.

    (The Youth Contingent is based in nearby Purcellville, closer than Leesburg to the home of the Great Man himself, in Round Hill, VA–site of the Basement and Source of All Power.)

    Spannaus and Chaitkin have been around since Day One (as Hillary says), and Notley since the early ’70s.

    Someone should tell Hillary to get these people away from her. The last thing she needs is LaRouchites as her delegates.

    If these clowns really wanted her to win, they’d leave her alone. A LaRouche endorsement would be the kiss of death, if anyone were aware of it, knew or remembered who he is/was, or cared what he thinks.

    Under the circumstances, though, a LaRouche endorsement is a mosquito bite, West Nile virus optional.

  2. Justin Says:


    It should be interesting to figure out the Larouche-imprint of such a thing, though probably impossible. Just one mild item of demogaugery in an arena open to it.

  3. Justin Says:


    I imagine any Clinton supporter will be cringing at the phrase “Clinton / Larouche”, but there you go.

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