Should I comment on this comic strip again? #4

Oddly enough, I found myself debating with myself whether to make a note on this here vanity blog of mine regarding today’s episode of that wonderous local comic strip, Adam’s Apple.  I say “oddly enough” because someone saw fit to make a comment to one of my previous posts on the subject.  The fact that it was there pushed me over to the “make a comment” side of the ledger.  On a previous occasion when I felt a tinge to make a remark, I thought better of it.  Better to just move on up the page to Hi and Lois and see if the baby was rolling into a sunbeam again.

Read the first panel.  That, actually might just be where I should leave this commentary — short and sweet.  I think if you do so you will have the same cringe I felt

But, to extrapulate further:  What the Hell?  Senator What?  Actually, go ahead and overlook that one — insert a generic name for the moment, even though this is not really pardonable.  And we get to the question — Huh?  Oh, that Senator [Jones?  Snodgras, maybe?], keeps pushing that Bill.  Oboy!  It’s just like Senators, they can’t help themselves… them and their bills which they keep pushing.  Over and over again.

It is not a bad gag, in theory, and it is a reasonable political comment, and you can imagine the conversation that put it into his head.  Which leaves me in an area where I am trying to figure out why he wasn’t able to come up with something that might actually be referenced — even devoid of specific politics, which is what the cartoonist clearly was trying to avoid.  Spending Bill, leading to an awkward and vaguely vague construction.  So, to better your enjoyment of this particular edition of Adams’ Apple: They are complaining about a Spending Bill, proposed by a Senator Jones.  Just make it a spending bill, and move on to the next panel.

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