that there reformer

You can’t gain “Conservative Credentials” until The New York Times writes an unfavorable piece about you. Thus, McCain may well be taking a long sigh of relief, if just for the moment.

Stripping out the sex aspects, I suppose you might go back to that idea of “Attacking His Strength”. The one thing about this supposed strength, chastized in the wake of his role in the Keating Six* scandal John McCain became MR. UNBOUGHT AND UNBOSSED, Mr. SUPER-REFORMER, I do not fully know if everyone in the bottom of their heart, when they sit still long enough, believes such a thing. Maybe as politicians go, grading on a curve — hence his Independent Credentials — .

But there is a way we are going to have to try to get a good handle on the man, the politician, the waving history, circa 2000 through 2004. I suspect you are left cutting his career into four distinct cuts, maybe?

* Correction: Keating Five.

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