Cynthia McKinney — More Relevant than Nader.

Were you aware that Cynthia McKinney is running for the Green Party nomination for President? I mention this in light of Ralph Nader’s announcement of his new completely irrelevant presidential run, where he is sure to double to vote for the Socialist Workers’ Party and not much else.  I am aware of gradations in politics and focus on issues which make them a difference of apples and oranges — though I point out that apples and oranges are both round  fruit — but I suggest to you that if you desire to vote for a political candidate somewhere to the left of that there Donkey Party with some Name Recognition and recent history of Fighting one Cause or Another, she ought be your gal and Nader ought not be your guy.

I do hold a contrarian view, and not a contrarian for contrarians’ sake view, based on watching the 2000 election campaign play out that Nader’s part in forcing Gore to commit to a position, “People Versus the Powerful” as it turned out to be for good or bad, outweighed the elecotral loss on Election Day — and I may just have to look up polling numbers through 2000 to back myself up and come to that post later.

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