3 Cults

Well, Factnet has changed things for their forums, and I have to pick up things right about here.  For those of you paying attention.  I will have to alter my sidebar accordingly.

A few days’ ago, I saw three Scientologists taking down their platform for the day.  Funny, from a distance I thought I was looking at 3 LYMers.  But, no, they had a “Free Stress Test” and a load of L Ron Hubbard materials.  I had thought that one of the three wasn’t related to the organization — seemed to be somehow coming from the outside — but on closer inspection, he had three L Ron Hubbard books in tow.

The thought popped into my mind:  TURF WAR!  There is limited retail space, after all.

Or, maybe the Larouchies and the Scientologists can have a meeting of the mind.  Merge, damneditall.  Clear the Engrams out of Samuel Clemens.  Xenu was the Ultimate Synarchist.  Surely this and this are not mutually exclusive.

Jeff Steinberg, take note.  Jeff Steinberg who has curiously inserted a “Jeff Steinberg Report” briefing into the daily Larouche tipping.  Interesting for Sovietology purposes, make of that what you will.  But to survive the “demise” of the current leader, maybe a merger with Scientology can be done.

With concerns to our current economic downturn, and the gloom we are all facing — OHMIGOD!  Lyndon Larouche is Right!  He’s forecast this disaster since 1958!  I must find a way to become an Authority on the Mind —

— If I pay the Estate of L Ron Hubbard up front enough, can I get to the Bridge Level that Tom Cruise is at… instantaneously?  Or maybe Larouche can offer a bargain basement price for that honor.

Then again, keeping up appearances, we see that Larouche is giving the shaft to Fred Newman and Leonora Fulani.   Except for some reason, the name Fred Newman is dropped outof the equation.  Maybe they look down on him.  After all, some edictorial cues from this piece — filtering through some history of the current obsession of Michael Bloomberg — come from hereabouts (ie: “Fulani Independent“) and down the right hand side of this page.  The URL doesn’t even acknowledge Newman and Fulani as a subject matter.   Surely “EIR” rolled past Dennis King in their rolodex in finding quotes regarding Fulani?

Here, I guess, is the Village Voice article referenced.

Ah well.  Nobody is paying close attention.  And Michael Bloomberg isn’t running for anything.  The Larouchies will have to move on to something else.  Or maybe they won’t — I don’t pass the mustard as an expert on this, as revenire pointed out to my relief.  Still, if a Larouchie wants to pause and reflect on these news items they’re reading — they could go find more information at this page.  It’s following the Larouche line on that score, at least.

2 Responses to “3 Cults”

  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    If/when Michael Bloomberg doesn’t run, LaRouche will simply say that he prevented it by his exposure of this fascist plot.

    This is the tack he’s been taking for years–predict Catastrophe X, yell and scream about it (and, in the old days, put out tons of literature about it)–deploy members (today the LYM) to hang around on street corners papering the sidewalks with the literature and carrying on about it–and hey, presto! when it doesn’t happen, claim credit for having stopped it.

    Lyn is as predictable as death and taxes, both of which he does everything in his power to avoid.

  2. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Wanted to tell your Constant Readers that FactNet is back up, in a newish form, and that the LaRouche Continued 4 thread can be accessed at http://www.factnet.org/vbforum/showthread.php?t=10252

    Or, alternatively, that to avoid being steered back to the old LaR Contd 4 Thread, which is frozen, users can go to the FactNet Home page and click on FactNet Forum, which is the new rubric under which the message boards appear.


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