2007 in Review, itemizing a few items

I knew who Larry Craig was in the year 2006.  I also knew, or at least believed I knew from one of the authentic sounding Internet rumor-mongering, that he was a closeted homosexual.  What I associated him with in 2006, however, was an attack on parts of the Patriot Act he gave on Rush Limbaugh where he gave the “Imagine if Hillary had these powers” line, along with a “And I remember Ruby Ridge”.  I did not know about his wide stance.

I did not know that Britney Spears had a younger sister.  I kind of resent the fact that I now know she does, never mind that this is pretty funny.

I’m sure it was an eventful year.  After a while I close my eyes and ask, though, “In the year 3027… what event the year 2007 will be worth noting?”  The above two items won’t be the answer.  Time Magazine’s choice of Putin for “Person of the Year” is as good a bet of people that will be remembered in 3027 as anyone.  Better than last year’s choice… I, the winner of that title, will not be remembered.

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