Has Fred Thompson done a damned thing since he committed?

Mitt Romney has gotten his foot stuck in a quick-sand of explanations and explications for the explanations starting with a defense of the racist past of Mormonism as practiced by his family with his father having Marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. — and having seen it, on to the definition of “saw” — made moot seeing as George Romney never marched with Martin Luther King, Jr. except that everyone post fact marched with King — referencing “saw” as being the same as having seen, say, The Patriots winning the World Series.

Considering that the World Series is cornered into a collection of 30 baseball teams, 29 from the United States and one from Canada, I don’t see why it would be more presumptuous for a football team to win the thing.

The Tom Tancredo post-drop out endorsement will wipe the controvery out, I’m sure.

Mike Huckabee has been scolded for having a Christmas message anti-political political ad with a subliminal floating cross in the brackground.  The world is organized around 90 degree angles, and such a thing is very doable, I suppose, and very easy to … do on purpose… subliminally.

Ron Paul’s blimp crashed.  Oh the Humanity!  Actually, the first Ron Paul news item that pops up poses the question of what one does with the money of less than savory donations.

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