Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama

To rebut Obama’s comments that he was not running “to fulfill some long-held plans” to be president, the Clinton campaign cited an AP interview with Obama’s kindergarten teacher, who remembered he wrote an essay entitled, “I Want to Become President.”

Asked by reporters Monday if he had any response to Clinton’s latest attacks, Obama said, “No,” paused, then added, “It’s silly season. I understand she’s been quoting my kindergarten teacher in Indonesia.”

The storyline goes, roughtly, that the sense of inevitibility for the nomination of Hillary Clinton has been punctured, the first step for the reclimation of the Obama Campaign, and a Time Magazine cover feature.  So it is that Mercury is rising, along with Obama and Huckabee.

Hillary Clinton chimed in with that weird nugget of presidential ambitions.  All of which signals that Obama’s presidential ambitions wound its way through a period of adolescent slackerdom and low key drug usage — planned for the purpose of appealing to the “Youth Vote” come 2008.

But I say better that storyline come to life than that the one where the Clintons made a deal with the Bushes for a long long long period of dynastic rule.

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