Larouche long ago glommed onto the term “Noosphere”, and I invite you to look it up on the oh-so-dastardly wikipedia if you have never encountered the term before. A number of weeks ago, emitting from out of the boiler room in Loudon County, the downloadable pamphlet “The Noosphere Versus the Blogosphere”. (The introduction to is well worth the mocking gaze.) It appears to be an expansive definition of “blogosphere”, one that travels to include ALL OF THE INTERNET– touching especially on social networking sites and wikipedia– and on to video games and on to … Dungeons and Dragons?

Apparently the implicit has become explicit, and we find this:

Finally, consider that part of the business plan of Lyn is that when you have LCers ebing burnt out and replaced by newer yutes aevery few years, no one knwos about the past and is pretty much kept ignorant of the past, until now. Thus, the cult has ordered a top down banning of using the internet to look up the cult and emailing or being engaged in any discussion of cult history. basically Lyn has a few hundred yutes in the dark cave who only see Lyn.

The Internet is Counter-Revolutionary. More to the point:

“*P.S.* Snippets of daily emails have been appearing on that wily, suicide-inducing website, factnet; so, please, people, don’t share these e-mails with those bozos! And if you are a culprit, please call the war room, and apologize.”

I don’t know if a “yute” in the state of mind to send material to — well, basically xlcer– would be in the state of mind to respond to a demand to apologize, but then again we may have some psychological gray area of uncertaintly and conflicted duties and emotions here. Interesting to note too that factnet is apparently inducing suicidal thoughts in the author of this note, and also we once again see that reminder of the tragic events from last April.  (Conciously I believe the comparison they are aiming for is to the tragic suicide of the 13 year old who was yanked along by some bizarre antics of two adults over myspace.)

There is an element of mixed signals coming through, however. The Internet cannot possibly be turned off, because as well know Howie G is still out there. He turns up here. But more entertainly:

If you like LaRouche, and have noticed that the economy and financial system is collapsing, there is no need to apologize. For more LaRouche fun, go to

Yes. Yes. A Clarion call to courage to the… multitude… of individuals who “have no need to apologize”. But, why would they be surfing the internet for Larouche-related stuff if they’ve been told not to by the org? (Oh wait. This is for the “non-member” supporters. Like, for instance… [ ]. As well [ ].)

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  1. Howard Gibson Says:

    You are very dumb. To say there is evil all over the internet, does not mean banning the internet, cars, bicycles or milk and cookies.

  2. Justin Says:

    So true. We just need to beware of the British Empire, the source of all the evil that is all over the internet.

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Hi, Howard Gibson (not your real name):

    What the …? How did cars, bicycles, milk and cookies get in there? Are those also evil things that are not to be banned? How did they get to be evil??

    If they’re not evil, are you saying the Internet is as bland as, say, milk and cookies.

    Exactly what ARE you saying?

    If there is evil all over the Internet, presumably there is good too–because the Internet is just another technology operated by human beings, so the real issue isn’t the technology, it’s the technicians….

    It’s just another form of human encounter, and it seems to me that the org is saying–no no, human encounter not so hot, because it may lead to DOUBT, SUSPICION, DISSENT.

    Also, I thought your way of addressing the Skull/Bones blogger–“You are very dumb”–had to be one of the wittiest, classiest, most insightful formulations I have ever seen.

    You must have learned your method at LaRouche’s knee. Eh?

  4. Earnest One Says:


    I thought that “Spanking” was illegal (or, at minimum, comprised 1/4 the content of the Internet).

    You Go Girl…

  5. tuer07 Says:

    I think that Nick Benton’s blog hits the mark on this question: []

    Thursday, December 06, 2007



    By Nick Benton

    Friendly or not, an average of 80-plus new sets of anonymous eyes have visited my blog entries here every day since last summer. That was until this past week, when the number dropped dramatically and has not rebounded beyond its pre-summer average. Then I learned from a reliable source that the sudden downturn corresponded with a new edict by Lyndon LaRouche banning his minions from the Internet, North Korea style.

    My razor sharp mind surmised a correlation, confirming to me what I’d surmised all along, that a lot of the lurking into my personal MySpace blog came from folks still trapped inside the LaRouche cult.

    The interest arose since mine was the first news organization to break the story of the relationship betwen the suicide of Ken Kronberg last April and his decades-long association with LaRouche. I followed that with an autobiographical piece in my newspaper, the Falls Church News-Press, entitled, “How I Explain LaRouche,” documenting my experiences, dating roughly from the mid-1970s to the late-1980s, associating with LaRouche. I followed that with a number of autobiographical blog entries posted here on my first-hand experiences with the LaRouche nightmare.

    It is clear now that this peaked interest came from people still tied to that unhappy LaRouche association, including perhaps some who were once ostensibly friends of mine who originally affiliated with LaRouche as I (and Ken Kronberg) did as young, serious civil rights and anti-war activists in the late 1960s and early 1970s era.

    So now it is suddenly “lights out” for them, not only on my blog entries, but on all the blessings of the Internet, including the access to such a boundless wealth of knowledge, science, art and culture. LaRouche has thus certified himself, beyond earlier confirmations, as a petty dicatator, cult leader, thug and wicked abuser of his own most loyal followers. Turning off the light to the world’s knowledge is no different than Hitlerian book burners and their ilk down through history. Forced ignorance is the ultimate tool of every evil tyrant in history.

    So, how are LaRouche loyalists going to take this one? Those I once knew have most likely been so beaten down by 20 more years of LaRouche abuse since I left that that they’re hardly ready to wake up now. At this point, it may be too much for them to face up to the fact that they’ve been wrong, and that they’ve thrown their lives into the toilet only to benefit a mean-spirited petty con man.

    But I’d remind them, as I tried to in my blog entries that clearly they were reading here, that there still is a lot of life for them in the wonderfully rich, technicolor, if admittedly imperfect, world outside of cult despair. They need to know that what holds them in the cult is nothing but themselves, their own internal fears and lack of nerve. That’s it. If they want out, they need to devise a plan, and stick to it. It may take some time, as it did for me.

    Once outside the LaRouche cult, they will see how invisible and irrelevant it is to the real world, which was the biggest, most shocking discovery I made when I finally left. Also, there are huge opportunities to make a significant difference in this real, technicolor world, where tuna sandwiches can taste really, really good.

  6. Justin Says:

    Regretably, I have not been privy to my stats since the blog software was converted to wordpress — I was never able to convince my brother that it was not operating — so I will never quite know how that worked for “skull / bones”. This is sort of amazing, and in some ways a little perplexing.

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