Ron Paul… 1988… dejavu and a little Pat Robertson too

If someone wants to fight in a “foreign war,” fine.   But, Dr. Paul warns, do not expect a Libertarian Government to foot the bill, or pay for any part of the space program not essential to national defense.  Dr. Paul refuses to call himself an isolationist, but that is how many others see him.  A man who relishes to fight with hecklers, he sometimes draws angry reactions.  At Jersey Village High School northwest of Houston, a student shouted accusingly: “No armed forces in other countries?  No foreign wars?  This was basically the idea that got 6 million European Jews killed during the Second World War.”

Though the students cheered, R. Paul replied, “We were there and we still didn’t prevent it.”

— NYT 10-16-1988 “Now For a Real Underdog”, Andrew Rosenthal.

Wayne King, 8-10-1988, “SOME REPUBLICANS BACK FOE OF BUSH:Key Supporters of Robertson Push Candidacy of Former Texas Congressman “ 

Mr. Paul was campaigning in Texas yesterday and could not be reached for comment.  But he said in a recent interview in The San Diego Union, ” I identify with Robertson and I identify with a lot of people who follow him.”  But he said, “He’s not a libertarian — he’s weak on civil liberties and I’m not sure about his foreign policy — but we all know Pat Robertson is not going to go anywhere so we’re the only place they can go afterwards.”

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