That Board is down, so to move things forward…

Factnet has been down for the past several days — the posts are there, but nobody can post anything new.  All of the boards at FACTNet, which tends to suggest that the explanation that the Larouche group is causing the disruptions may well be false.  Unless it is is Larouche with the combined forces of the Scientologists.  Who knows?

Bumbling forth,  I note a few things said by the resident cult leader.  To somebody in China, apparently.  The Chinese government knows all about freedom.

For example, let’s take the case of this, right in this county, Loudoun County: This is actually Target #1, for the world collapse of the system. What was built up here was a mortgage bubble. Remember, you had a crash in the U.S. economy in October 1987, which was very much like the crash of 1929. It happened. It happened in October, I forecast it and it happened exactly as I forecast it was going to happen. 

Got that.  Loudon County.  Target #1 for the world collapse of the system.  The October 1987 stock market free-fall.  Exactly like the stock market collapse of 1929!!  I suppose Loudon County might well be a prime area for the current mortgage crisis, but citing it as “target #1″ does appear a bit self-centered, the outside conspiracy against US… They are bringing us down.  In addition that focus, on what I presume to be an economically upscale area of the country, is a little amusing for an entity with one time Marxist pretensions and currently Populist pretensions — the “lower 90 percent” (or is it 80?) — over-easy loaning having effected them as well, with perhaps more devastating consequences.  But why the heck would I want to politically (or economically) a fricking cult?

Next you go to this:

Then they used what they called the Y2K bubble, computer systems. The argument was that the present computer systems were going to explode, when the year 2000 came, because of the two-digit number business. So they invested a great amount of money, poured money into developing the computer industry. In April-May of 2000, that bubble collapsed, the Y2K bubble, because the government had stopped printing money for it.

That is the stupidest explanation of the tech stock bubble of the late 1990s, and a confused inflation of the Y2K bug with the tech stock bubble.  Does he really believe that the government spending money trying to solve the Y2K bug was what was spurring the tech industry in the late 1990s?

If Larouchies are hacking into FACTNet, it’s clearly not Larouche himself, whose grasp on technology issues appears rather flaky.  (And why does he stop his attack on “Internet 2.0″ with myspace anyways?)

Skip ahead to the end:

And that’s what it is…. If I were in charge of this problem, I would immediately have publications appearing in various parts of the world, which were telling various parts of the world what the reality of this thing is, and thus create an embarrassment for those in London and the United States who are creating this problem.

Why don’t you go right ahead and print it all out and do that then?

Okay.  Let’s try this.  FACTNet is down, so … open thread!!  Any new internal memo?  I mean, beside this one:

 So far, we’ve prevented a coup against a government. The relevant fundamentals of strategy are restated here, as follows.
The success of such forms of economy depends upon accepting the Christian notion of the individual person in the same way U.S. President Abraham Lincoln expressed this in doctrine and thrust of his practice.
On that basis, without requiring any additional information, I know, with certainty, that the international financial system, with its attached leading banks, is already hopelessly bankrupt.
But what do you do? You set new rules. We are now verging very close to a ‘trip-wire’ triggering of a total first strike by either side. At the point that warfighting appears to be irrevocably committed for the immediate future, professional military men are given powerful arguments to the effect that politics must then be absolutely subordinated to the purpose of obtaining every marginal military advantage available.
It is that process, that approximately three decades of cultural retrogression, cultural decay, which has created the political and social preconditions for the series of shocks now threatening the continued existence of our failed civilization.
This kind of stuff.
One of the principal trigger-events for this development was the struggle for national independence by Greece.
More precisely, it exists to be discovered. Beyond that principled point of similarity, the specific principles of each, are, respectively, quite different: as different as the conscious, willful role of cognitively driven conscience, distinguishes social processes from all others.
That’s the nature of the beast.
Now, that has been destroyed, more or less effectively, by the Baby-Boomer generation’s influence. Don’t try to dissect the Baby Boomer, you may not like what you find.
The problem here is a cultural problem.
In that case, we’re in for a new game, a game I like.
Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa…

7 Responses to “That Board is down, so to move things forward…”

  1. Frau Helga Says:

    The last two messages from Lyn have come in MP3 (audio) form. Are they trying to avoid showing his physical conditon?

  2. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Well, LHL did make a presentation at the Schiller conference in Europe over the weekend of the 15th-17th…. or so we’re told.

    One point of these messages is that they don’t want to print anything in the briefing, because the briefing is obviously not secure. I mean, xlcr had LaRouche’s Remember Riemann? memo up on FactNet about a day after it appeared in the briefing. Maybe two days.

    And eaglebeak had last Wednesday’s ineffable briefing lead, or the most important parts of it (the title and LaRouche’s “thoughts” on his birthday) up on FactNet the same day it appeared in the briefing.

    So maybe the MP3 device is a way to circumvent that set of leaks–which reminds me, LaRouche Watchers, if you want to hear something hair-raising, if long, listen to

    EEC meeting, Wiesbaden, Germany – May 31, 2006 – part 1/4

    On Google video, I believe. Fascinating–especially the parts where LaRouche lambastes Ed Spannaus (naturally), PMR (but of course), and the EEC–esp. Uwe Friesecke–and the part where he says “there will be fatalities” or something very close–well, there had been already in Wiesbaden–Jeremiah Duggan–and there were to be more–Ken Kronberg–so LaRouche certainly knew what he was talking about that time….

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:


    on the Google video, here’s the link to the four part EEC meeting from
    May 2006:

  4. Justin Says:

    A little vague, but it is finally addressing the problem.

    Hello dear FACTNet Community,

    The FACTNet discussion boards have been down for four days due to extreme technical difficulties. We are actively working to bring them back up as soon as possible so dialogue, healing, and support can continue. We apologize for any inconvenience or discomfort this situation may be causing you.

    Due to the older technology and constant security threats, the current discussion board software is less than ideal. As you may know, we have been moving towards setting up new discussion board software that will provide better functionality and superior security. This is in process and as soon as it is ready it will be available to you.

    Please contact if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


    Maria Bee
    Executive Director,

  5. rachel holmes Says:

    FactNet is back up–and the posters are posting…

  6. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Whew, that was quick–FactNet is down again, presumably still ironing out wrinkles.

  7. Rachel Holmes Says:

    For Dennis King, try either


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