Get to know an American President: Stay Cool with Cal

While Coolidge was governor of Massachusetts, two of the state senators had an argument, which ended in one telling the other that he could “go to Hell.”  The insulted politician went to see Coolidge to ask him to do something about it.  Coolidge said calmly, “I have looked up the law, Senator, and you don’t have to go.”


During his presidency, Coolidge was taken around the horticultural conservatories of Pierre S Du Pont’s estate at Longwood, Pennsylvania.  The party passed through greenhouses containing magnificent orchids, extraordinary and grotesque cacti, and exquisite tropical ferns, none of which brought a word of comment from the president.  At last they came to the conservatory devoted to tropical trees.  The president gazed about him for a few seconds and observed with interest, ‘Bananas.”

Coolidge was once invited to break ground for the cornerstone of a public building.  Having performed his ceremonial duty, he was expected to make a speech.  Pointing to the broken earth, he observed solemnly, “That’s a mighty fine fishworm,” and then departed.

President Coolidge had a group of guests on the presidential yacht cruising the Potomac.  As he stood alone at the rail, looking at the expanse of water, someone exclaimed, “Look at that sight and slender figure!  Look at that head, bowed over the rail.  What thoughts are in the mind of this man, burdened by the problems of the nation?”  Finally Coolidge turned around and joined the others, saying, “See that  sea gull over there?  Been watching it for twenty minutes.  Hasn’t moved.  I think he’s dead.”

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