21st Century Science and Technology, and what it tells us.

I have a much simpler, more straightforward explanation for why LL et al., substitutes the fake spelling “Jeremy” for “Jeremiah”:
The search string, “Jeremy Duggan” yields very little in Google (for example), whereas “Jeremiah Duggan” produces a vast amount of extremely damaging information.
People who are unfamiliar with the tragedy (Yutes, new recruits, etc) might perform a search and, seeing little, might not delve further.

Well Golly gee. Things that I must do: go through every reference I have made to Jeremiah Duggan, stick the misname right after the name, and link Jeremy Duggan to JusticeforJeremiah. Like so. Jeremy Duggan. His actual name was Jeremiah. So don’t call him Jeremy Duggan.

So I leafed through the final 13 issues of “21st Century Science and Technology”. And one thing hit me like an anvil.

I assume they are the final 13 issues, or final 13 printed issues — the printing choice of Larouche Inc having been bankrupted through lack of payment, of course, the company PMR — headed by the baby-boomer aged Ken Kronberg, who was, in case you missed the news, suicided. Maybe the magazine continues in some vague form online.

There was a shift of focus. A rather quick and sudden shift of editorial direction. One issue — the Winter 2002/03 issue, there was no mention of the Larouch Youth Movement — just a pack of articles whose chief editorial direction seemed to be to incoporate the name “Larouche” every fourth paragraph somehow. The next issue, there the Larouche Youth Movement were. And the issue after that, the LYM were the whole show — indeed, taking over articles completely unrelated the Larouche Youth Movement — as seemingly every technological and scientific advance in human history were the product of a Youth Movement, usually with an elder Guru — for example: Benjamin Franklin’s Youth Movement. The image of which bearing striking relation to this omnipresent image of Larouche sitting in conversation with a bunch of Larouche Youth. Or how about that one famous image of those very jovial nuclear scientists en route to creating the Atomic Bomb — (“how a youth movement in science in 1945 fought the Establishment to win civilian control of nuclear power”. How very convenient.) which bears a striking resemblance to the photographs that this newest direction of 21st Century Science and Technology has with all those photographs of those jovial LYMers. The propaganda is laid rather thickly.

So we begin. “We present this piece as a contribution to the pedegogical effort of the Larouche Youth Movement, which is presently struggling to master the paradox of the Pythagorean Comma. Their crucial, related purpose is to attempt to revive the aging intellects of the Baby Boomer generation, who have denied these youth a future by their immoral abandonment of the principle of truth.
And then the next issue. The cover is The Larouche Youth Movement. And the focus deepens. “You won’t read about it in Science or Nature, but the big news in Science today is the growth of a youth movement, commited to the principle of discovering the truth. […] We have now around us, in a social-political and intellectual process that has chosen to call itself the Larouche Youth Movement [So… um… What were the runner-ups in that naming contest?] , a core grouping of several hundreds of very serious young people in the 18 to 26 age bracket. Around this rapidly expanding core is a very much larger circle of university – age youth [That be you, Mr. and Ms. University Student], debating the ideas which are being forcibly presented to them by the dedicated cadre of thinkers.

The “Burn the Textbooks” article is now sort of legendary — because of that other youth movement that burned textbooks it can’t help but evoke, and because the author of the piece was a recruiter for Jeremiah Duggan — aka (falsely) Jeremy Duggan. And then we get to the “guest editorial from a LYMer. Tell me that this doesn’t represent a disturbing attitude toward the generation of this young chap’s parents. And… other things. Aren’t you tired of wanting to die? Wallowing, wasting away here on Earth, until you run out of breath? That’s how Baby Boomers now live. And we, the youth generation today, will we imitate our bored, shrivelling parents, following in their stinky, pleasure – fouled path? Awake! Pleasure can be entertaining, momentarily, but look around. A muscle bound monkey-man, speaking English in the style of a professional wrestler, directed by a stable of financier criminals, threatens to become Governor of California. The President can’t read, and his minister of Vice Dick Cheney wants to murder human beings with nuclear weapons. There is no economy. There are no jobs. Rave dances and pot parties spatter the social environment. People don’t read. There’s no technological progress, no discovery, no culture. Is this the result of the ‘I’m so free because I do whatever I want’ Baby Boomer counter-culture?
Why don’t we stop lying to ourselves and admit, this culture stinks. We need a Renaissance, a rebirth of creative discovery in the social process, which makes us human, — not animals, but human beings, much superior to any beast on the planet.

Oh, mercy me. The eternal hook, tried on me right here on this stupid blog. I imagine them all shouting in unison: “ARE WE NOT MEN????” (Before getting around to discussing plans for a sort of “Master Race” of sorts?) Meanwhile, through 40 years of drubbing into his followers about the death of Scientific and Technological Development, scientists are advancing science and technology, and here I am on a keyboard — at a personal computer which is far behind the latest consumer products — with a network that had been set up methodically — and I note for the record that I can look up where the scientists — not quite a part of a Human Renaisance but we can still all be productive in something less than utopian (after all, we have Bush / Cheney in the White House and Schwarzenegger in the Governor’s Mansion, but I guess we’ll just have to push on through that, won’t we?) — at this moment in mapping the human genome. But that’s just for example.
Now let us Double the Square! We appear to have found something that lies beyond the infinite: all those fractions (an infinite number of them) and none of them makes the magnitude we are looking for? This so-called “squre root of 2” appears a “hole” in our number line, a discontinuity in what we before thought to be completely continuous. Now you know what the synarchists are confronted with in Larouche!

Incidentally, try this photo montage: Bertrund Russel 91872 – 1970), Norbert Wiener (1874 – 1964), John Von Neumann (1903 – 1957), Issac Newton (1642 – 1727), Johanes Kepler (1571 – 1630), Nicholas of Cusa (1401 – 1464), Gottfried Leibniz (1646 – 1716), and Lyndon Lar… Too bad those other individuals have passed on. I guess they’re stuck with that last one in their intellectual tradition, right?

Which brings us, conceptually, to the LYM – penned essay (the LYM have taken over the magazine from the baby-boomers) “From Lincoln to Larouche’s Land Bridge”.

And The stupidest science experiment ever. Two LYMers make orange juice out of an orange — one uses a juicer device; the other is stuck using his bare hands. The jucicer makes the orange juice in a much more efficient and quicker manner than the bare hands — which is the “ape-like rival” of the juicer-user. The lesson, in case you need clarification: Scientists who espouse the theory of Global Warming are luddites.

It is enlightening non-reading, and one can pin-point the precise moment that the cult was handed over in spirit to the “Youth”, because somehow they have a lot to teach the baby-boomers in the org, and deserve to be cut right in line before them. Oh well. Cults are a pursuit best fit for the young, it would seem. Full of energy to be drained out of them.
I suppose this is all old news by now. But it dove-tails as part of the backstory for the death of Ken Kronberg.

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  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Definitely part of the back story of the death of Kronberg. I say this because Kronberg and another NC member from Leesburg, plus a third member from Leesburg, who were teaching Shakespeare to the LYM in Baltimore/DC and acting out scenes from one of the Shakespeare history plays (I believe), were all of a sudden barred from doing it by a LaRouche dictum which added that their work “makes me sick.” Of course, LHL had never seen a scintilla of it. But he just knew that youth were too precious to have “academics” like Kronberg teaching them Shakespeare or poetry or acting.

    No! They had to be taught by Robert Beltran (“RB,” as LaRouche insisted on calling him in memos–are you there, Kheris?).

    LaRouche simply trashed years of expertise, knowledge, and understanding (by the way, on the urging of Tony Papert, the killer “briefing”-writer), to suck up to Beltran on the one hand, and suck up to the youth on the other. No ordinary Baby Boomers to teach them, no sir!

    Kronberg was reportedly devastated by this, not least because he knew that he knew more about Shakespeare in his sleep than LaRouche would know in 100 lifetimes, and also because he knew he knew that much more about Shakespeare than Robert “Hollywood” Beltran.

    Baby Boomers don’t teach classes any more. They sit around and get “taught” by the youth, by the crowd who “work in Lyn’s Basement” on who knows what? Developing a unified field theory? Talk about Gulliver’s Travels!

    As for 21st Century, Baby Boomer editor Laurence Hecht threw himself into the youth movement with a vengeance, although at one point LaRouche forbade him to have anything to do with it either.

    All in all, the Red Guard and its Red Battalion of Women is taking over here….

  2. Justin Says:

    I left out something in that post. Um… From one of the later issues, a LYMer penned:
    It is the tack, especially of the youth of today, to see to it that we do have the future that we so desperately need. And the only way to do this, is by becoming a universal, historical genius yourself!

    Granted, there’s nothing much new with this rhetoric — and that book I’ve referenced repeatedly (Younger Than That Now) with the insane letter to Jeff — which I had recently posted for the benefit of Larouche -followers, who responded with the same sort of rhetorical flourish. Mind you, it is part of the draw, and we all want to become bigger players in the world — to one degree or other.

    I think I’m seeing a trend in the photographs of Larouchies that people post on flickr. The photos show people who are older than they used to show. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ciscel/874949457/

    And there they are — in the middle of traffic — plastered with a sign with a crude sexual reference, a Universal, Historical Geniuses.

    Incidentally, there is a photograph of the young woman who penned this editorial in that issue of 21st Century Science and Technology — smiling, waving an “Impeach Cheney” banner (bold word “Larouche!!!” at top), did I mention smiling, at a war protest.

    She’s smiling because she, for the moment, believes that she is a Universal, Historical Genius. Because the cult is catering itself to her. Do the two guys in traffic believe themselves to be “Universal, Historical Geniuses”? Standing there. In the middle of traffic.

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