Susan Bowen, Dianne Bettag, and Robert Beltran

#1: What can I possibly say?  Am I to infer that the cast of Star Trek: Voyager was a group of sex crazed maniacs?

#2:  It dawns on me to wonder: did the “European Leadership” quit, were they fired, “You can’t fire me — I quit”, “You can’t quit — You’re fired” or…?  Tangled webs.
#3:  Everybody has a story.  The story of the woman photographed here — who did not a’know who the heck Patrick Fitzgerald was, something I assure you anyone at, say, a meeting trying to figure out how to impeach Cheney would know.
The person at the card table shrine may be a long time member named Susan Bowen according to people who have viewed the picture. Sue was recuited more than 30 years ago to the LC. This picture looks like it was taken in Chicago. In the briefing it is reoprted that a “flying squad” was sent from Detroit to reopen that city for money and bodies. Chicago used to be a big deal for us and was run by a couple named Cheila and Terry Jones. [few paragraphs all very interesting, and describes the cultural surroundings of Susan Bowen.]

Susan Bowen I would guess is over 50 years of age by now. She went from being a field hand to a phone team fundraiser for many years. Susan’s husband is a big guy named Bob Bowen who now runs the Detroit LYM. Since he too is a boomer, that is only a temporary title in the cult. One of the worst comboa a married couple could have is being a “power couple” where the guy is a local or regionla leader and the wife is a fundraiser. For some strange reason, men in the LC prove how good they are by how much money their wives raise. I should have paid attention in those early Beyond Psych classes to figure that out. If your wife did not make the bucks, then the local NCs would go after the spouse, who in turn would go after their wife when they got home. This is on top of a very late night meeting with the local NC with the female fundraiser about how her blocking in raising money may casue Lyn to get assasinated and humanity wiped out. By the time this all ended, a woman like Susan may be finally getting to sleep at 3 AM and have to get up the next day for another 9 AM to 11 PM fundraising gig.
No none has mentioned anything which Susan did which can be construed as abusive. I have a soft spot for her predicament as I was reminded of a special meeting she may have been at in 1981 or there abouts. This was a special meeting Lyn had with the local field membership in the NYC/NJ region.
It was held at Lyn’s townhouse on Sutton Place, a few rows down from E 58th street. The locals were all being starved and money was all being sent to the National office . The talk was about the upcoming campaign by Lyn and one exchange always sticks out by members who were there. After Lyn came down stairs he rambled on about how important the field work and fundraising is by the regions. All sorts of intitiatives were announced and how we running the globe. At the end of this, one member asked if this means that most people (including the person asking) were ever going to stop being at card table shrines. Lyn responded that of course you will because that is how we change history. A few people looked at each other with a puzzling look while trying to show a good face. Many people who were there eventually left, except for Susan Bowen.
So here we are, a QUARTER CENTURY later, seeing a Susan Bowen at a card table shrine on a Chicago street.

Looking at that picture of Susan Bowen, I wonder if she ever thinks about that one morning on New York’s fashionable Sutton Place where Lyn finally told her the truth about her life?

Many people also wonder if Susan Bowen ever wondered how Lyn could testify under oath in his trial that he has no idea of where the money for the town house, armed guards, food, utilities , transport, clothes and other expenses came from? This truly is a Bizarro moment for Susan Bowen as she and others were patted down and searched before being allowed to enter Lyn’s classy townhouse. Lyn appears in front of her and says that she and others have to raise the money and work those phones and card table shrines even harder. One of the phrases Lyn liked to use was that because of all of the assassination threats against him, he was a prisoner in the townhouse and only left for travel. Each night the NEC came by for a NEC meeting which included the daily income totals . The cult’s expenses and budget was discussed nightly and Lyn has the final word.
Yet, he claims to not know how he got to Sutton Place , the Penthouse, the Riverdale condo, Ashburn or Club Ibykus, or how how the money came about when he was prosecuted for tax fraud. Most people would call those addresses pretty expensive places to live. During the trials we called them safe houses and then later said they were open to the whole LC to merrily wander through and park you butt on the sofa when you felt like it.
A QUARTER CENTURY later, Susan Bowen is parking her butt at a card table shrine, just like Lyn forecasted. Then again, based on the people who tell me that she was a regular at being browbeaten by the leadership, maybe it is more peaceful outside for her.

#3A: From the Harvard Crimson, 1984:

Three members of a radical political group were evicted from a University of Pennsylvania classroom after calling economics professor Lawrence Klein a Nazi and accusing him of promoting genocide.
“This man’s model is Adolf Hitler!” cried one of the three supporters of the Lyndon LaRouche presidential campaign who disrupted the class.
“This is an outrage–a Nazi on campus. He is currently plotting the destruction of Israel. This man is an anti-Semitic genocidal butcher,” he added.
Students in the class were not amused. “How can you come here and call him a Nazi? He’s teaching an introductory economics class,” said one of the students to the demonstrators’ claim.
Klein said, “I insist that you are a bunch of screwballs and will please get out.”
According to LaRouche supporter Susan Bowen, Klein served as an advisor to the Monterrey business-financier group which she claims was responsible for destroying the Mexican economy by forcing the country to cease government industrial projects and social services.
Bowen and another group of LaRouche Campaign members demonstrated outside the building where the class was held, toting signs reading. “Stop Klein’s Racist Nazi Genocide” and “Feed Africa.”

#4: Regarding Dianne Bettag, a quick google search shows sometime after popping up here, she popped up there with, oh-so-importantly “Out in the Streets Organizing” (uh?):

We don’t just expose, we’re out in the streets of the nation organizing to destroy Gore, so that the Democratic party will not be distracted from impeaching or otherwise giving the boot to first Cheney and then Bush… so that the nation can ally itself with Russian, China and India in creating a new monetary system modelled on the old Bretton Woods system, to develop industry, water, energy, agriculture and transportation projects all over the world. […] Gore with his bs on Global Warming, profiling the party to react on that issue instead of taking care of the collapsing economy a la their FDR tradition…

The response I find amusing, but is unrelated…

I visit the LaRouche site though LaRouche should forus more on Huey Long style Democrats than that FDR who sold us out by letting Prescott Bush and the Boys remain at liberty on American soil.

Actually there is an odd contingent of Huey Long supporters out there, I have noticed.  But then again he modeled his corruption after a previous Louisiana governor, and also had a bit more windfall to the poorest.  FDR’s slide from bad to good came with his change from Marxist to erstwhile Democrat, but what I have always found interesting is that at all stages of his game, Harry Truman gets to remain an Enemy.  I think of Harry Truman somehow as akin to Einstein’s old “Cosmological Constant”, at least in terms of Larouche’s jabs at contemporary American politics.  (Later referred to by Einstein as his biggest mistake, wasted years and years working with something that he determined to be an artificial artifact.)  Interesting to note, Einstein is now on Larouche’s “Good list”, which is a very swift whip-lash.
#5:  Because the world is demanding more internal briefings from Larouche?

June 30, 2007

I have noted, from e-mails sent to me, and otherwise, that typical Baby Boomers and others have reacted with clinically characteristic expressions of psychopathological denial (of the
“what mushroom cloud” variety) to the principal point of the message contained within my June 21st webcast. This has included some current typical cases from among our associates.

It is clinically significant that this is the type of psychopathological denial, which echoes the leading pathological trait of many among the PMR leaders, as also the Win-Star psychotics of the 1995-2000 years prior to the mid-2000 crash of the Y2K bubble. We recall the hysterical denial expressed against forecasts of the crises which later occurred, “on schedule,” denials such as the crash of the “Lyn’s forecast is wrong; the money will be there” psychobabble, even among our own circles during those years. This was especially notable among the folks  in the footsteps of perennially bankrupt Andy Typaldos, who argued that we were being unbusiness-like failures in putting priority on political organizing,

As our own experience of the results of such cases has shown us, such forms of hysterical denial of reality can be deadly.

Such types of reactions are almost always associated with certain clinically significant kinds of hysterics in manner of speech, facial expressions, and “body language” generally. These usually
have forms of body-language and related expressions we would associate with efforts to “shout down” anything which frightens the victim of such pathological incidents. Sometimes, literal
shouting occurs; but, as we know from experience, there are other varieties of this, such the kind of bare-faced lying which Hartmut Cramer showed in his broadcast lie in defense of Uwe’s
complicity with Fernando Quijano, in resigning from his post of treasurer. The case of the not-always-candid, money-grabbing Uwe Friesecke’s essentially habitual practice of such bare-faced lying, is also notable as among clinically relevant typical expressions of witting lying as an habituated form of denial of obvious reality.

Those examples are also related to the kinds of hysterical attempts at denial which we encounter now from those who are either denying the BAE reality or clinging hysterically to the
refusal to permit the impeachment of Cheney.

The important thing is: never capitulate to such forms of denial. Do it compassionately: “I am sorry to learn that you are too frightened to face reality in this matter. We can discuss this
later, when you have thought over the reasons for your denial of this reality.”

3 Responses to “Susan Bowen, Dianne Bettag, and Robert Beltran”

  1. Rachel Holmes Says:

    What we have here, is LaRouche attacking Ken Kronberg AGAIN–except he has already driven Ken Kronberg to suicide, and PMR (which LaRouche is attacking AGAIN) no longer exists.

    But LaRouche is obsessively going after them AGAIN for disagreeing with his prediction of a Great Depression–even though that charge didn’t have one single thing to do with Kronberg or PMR.

    Somehow LaRouche has gotten Winstar and PMR all tangled up in his mind.

    But this is more than nuts, it is also vicious–having just attacked the “leaders of PMR” (that would be Ken Kronberg, he was the leader of PMR), LaRouche says this:

    “As our own experience of the results of such cases has shown us, such forms of hysterical denial of reality can be deadly.”

    That is, Ken Kronberg is dead on the highway because (LaRouche claims, erropneously)he denied LaRouche’s bull about the next Great Depression. Serves him right, eh, Lyn?

    In fact, Ken Kronberg is dead on the highway because Lyndon LaRouche wouldn’t pay him, forced him to print, and attacked him while he was presiding over the LaRouche-org-caused collapse of the printing company.

    Lyndon LaRouche is a public menace.

  2. Justin Says:

    It gets weirder, and I have a sense of dejavu from news reports circa 1974 with this one.:

    Here is Jeff Steinberg’s Saturday update, June 30, 2007. — (Jeff Steinberg, who is planning for his post-Larouche sucession.):

    I think that Lyn’s message to everybody in light of the stunning events of the last week, is that people have to have a quiet, frank contemplation and recognize any impulses and tendencies to
    be driven by fear and to especially overcome any other forms of rage or other means by which people can tend to deny if they’re in a fearful state. Because the world has just changed in the
    most dramatic and profound way, as the result of Lyn’s webcast on the June 21st, where he blew the lid on the BAE scandal and on Dick Cheney, and set about an absolutely dramatic change in every aspect of the global strategic situation.
    Now, that’s a fairly frightening thing to contemplate, because a lot of people are really •••••• off at Lyn in the organization, as the result of that. And Lyn’s biggest concern,
    is that among our own ranks, that people run away from the awesome responsibility and the actual magnitude of what’s already happened. So, if anybody is still in a sort of a frightened
    mindset, at least sort of face that reality, and deal with it–

    and you know, Gerry’s door is open, 24 hours a day/7 days a week, if anybody needs to psychiatric consultation to deal with it.
    And that’s not an offer made lightly: It’s serious.

    Because, some very, very dramatic things happened in the last week, that never would have occurred had Lyn not taken the absolute take-off-the-gloves approach at the webcast. He promised that he would do certain things that he’s not done at previous webcasts, and he absolutely delivered on that.

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Wow–Beyond Psychoanalysis redivivus.

    1974 was littered with nervous breakdowns and LaRouche-practiced brainwashing (not CIA or KGB, just LaRouche). The fact that Jeff Steinberg is calling for psychiatric consults with fellow NEC member Gerry Rose is breathtaking.

    People are really ****** off at Lyn in the organization as a result of the WEBCAST? Hardly! Maybe because the organization is collapsing, the LYM is a Maoist cult, most of the European organization has dropped out, and there is no real printing capacity any longer because the guy who built it and ran it was driven to suicide!

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