again with the pre-eminent marginal nutcase political kook of this Age.

Um. Heh.

Okay. Favorite part. “Check this out. Gore’s Hedge Fund Partner. His name is Blood.” “Too good to make up.” “Yeah, you can’t make that up.”
Cue the photo from the pamphlet — I don’t know “Gore’s Global Warming Hoax and the International Synarchist Implications of his Sexual Congress with the Beast – Men”, or something to that effect — and… an indescribable photograph found at minute 6:07.

I was tempted to very slightly defend this Larouchite, in the sense that it is common to have political conversation in line with more standard political spectrum — or less cult-induced people with the same outlandish realm of conspiracy theory — and it sometimes comes across as just as silly. But, um… no. Besides which, if I am to believe something posted at FACTNet, Larouche has issued an order for Larouchies to not reply to any web postings, so… ALL HANDS ON DECK and UNLOAD!!

“What do you think of the art school?”

“I think they’re kind of de-generates. They’re not trying to create a Renaissance.”


A shout-out to hey now, brownpau. While I don’t make it a point to link to any and all people who link here, I don’t make it a point not to link to anyone, and in this case I need to respond to and extrapulate on the excerpt he lifted. I did not coin the phrase “Me For Dictator”. That came from a book review for Lyn Marcus’s “Dialectical Economics”, the reviewer having no awareness of just who the author was came to the conclusion that “The author appears to be a ‘Me-for-Dictator’ type that I really wouldn’t trust handing over the economy to.” (I’ll get the exact quote if forced to.)


A word on how the Larouche pamphlets are written.  Although, to be frank, there’s only a smidgeon of insight I didn’t gather out of hand.:

His reading is basically done by looking at the cover, jackets a chapter and then , now this is important, a summary by the staff. In NYC we had a dozens of people who knew a lot of things and did research. A guy named Peter Rush did a prioject where he took as many papers done by members and indexed them in a library of sorts. What caem of that was an embarassment of sorts. it seemed that if you looked at any of Lyn’s writings you figure out the formula. You take a subject of current politcal value like Ted Kennedy. You then link him to what ever is the main fundraising issue such as a KGB/Russian takeover of the world. you now take one of those research papers and find the key thesis and link it to that. So the end is a centerfold article where about two paragraphs mention Kennedy, more pragraphs mention some historical situation adn then you fill it up with the standard 5000 years of conspiracy, throw in Aristotle and then some new tid bit the poor LCer found and declare it a magnum opus that needs to be put out in a pamphlet or book for the masses. Read enough of this and you too can write this stuff for the LC. The poor LCer who did the long hours of work in the library does not even get a footnote and ends up cooing for Lyn’s wink instead of yelling that his or her hard work was stolen by this charlatan. The standard MO for us is that the phone organiser would make some issue sound reasonable so he would not be hung up. Once you snet them some of our lit, forget it. We would try hard to NOT have Lyn do meetings with our contacts because of how they would end up with Lyn demanding that they bankroll him or some crazy statement about the Queen of England or such.

Wait.  Larouche doesn’t write his own material?  Dagnabit!


I have finally read Dennis King’s book, in drips and drabs. I’m trying to figure out what is most pertinent to post for the mish – mash of imperatives I have in bopping up to Larouche. I think I’ll go with some items of concern from Chapter 10. So look for it… coming up… soon.


Ken Kronberg stuff:

I can go to almost any subject the LC and Lyn writes about and it will end up that way. Even with this, people in the FEF had some respect as they had degrees and did no talk like maniacs. they had a life where they could interview people, write articles and produce a magazine that did not look half bad.

For Lyn, it was real bad. It was bad because in a cult of personality, Lyn is the focus, nothing else. So in the early 1980s, Lyn issued a memo which made clear that unless your activity involved him, it was not allowed. The way it was worded was very clever in that it demanded that persuing the Larouche presidency was the only thing and every front group and publication had to support that.

You liked the Fidelio magazine. Ever wonder why it was not mailed out and promoted? Ken Kronberg created that and tried to make it something which was not crazy. There are reports of endless tirades by Lyn against Ken for trying to do that. The blood vessels would pop in Lyn’s head as he denounced Ken as a boomer over and over and then ended it with a demand for endless printing with out a single thought of how to pay for this. Oh, let me correct that. .There was a single thought , it was called have someone else run up a debt for supplies and have the members do it for nothing.

AND… a run-down of 1970s-era Larouche versus 2000s-era Larouche, from a 1970s-era Larouchie to the ambivalent Larouchie who I posted the words of a couple of Larouche-related posts ago:
Us Jimmy Carter worse than Hitler
You Al Gore Worse than Hitler.

Us Impeach Carter
You Impeach Cheney

Us Give money to stop KGB
You Give money to stop Synarchists

US Methadone pushed by Nuremburg Criminals
You Video games pushed by Nuremburg Criminal.

Us The world economy is going to crash.
You The world economy is going to crash.

US We are in a depression.
You We are in a depression of the physical economy.

Us Rockefeller runs the world
You British and the Jews run the world.
Most of us were in when the LC made the transformation from Rocky to the British and the Jews running the world. Most of us left.

Us 3 Mile Island was a hoax to eliminate people.
You Global warming is a hoax to eliminate people.

Us Chris White brainwashing done by Rock to stop the ICLC from taking power. Hoax by Lyn.
You Duggan death, hoax done by Cheney to stop LYM from taking power.

Us David Rockefeller and his family run the world and all that is evil.
You Cheney and his wife run the world and all that is is evil.

Us Leesburg Real Estate collapse will bankrupt the banks when people can not pay the notes.
You Lyn does not pay the notes on LC real estate to the banks and our people collapse.

Us Supporting Solar power is stupid and won’t work.
You Supporting solar power is evil and will kill off humanity

4 Responses to “again with the pre-eminent marginal nutcase political kook of this Age.”

  1. Paulo Says:

    Thanks for the clarification on the “Me for Dictator” phrase. Anyway, I found the Factnet link through you, and it’s been amazing reading. Thank you.

  2. Rachel Holmes Says:

    The bit about Fidelio magazine gives a clue as to why Lyn hated Ken Kronberg. It was because Ken Kronberg knew too much–not like in the old murder mysteries. He knew too much because he knew something.

    Lyn hates anyone with academic credentials, areas of expertise, a reading knowledge of various languages, etc. Kronberg knew a lot about poetry and Plato and Francois Villon and Chaucer and Shakespeare and science and plus he could read Attic Greek. Lyn hated that, and he got his sycophants to hate it too.

  3. TL SIMPSON Says:

    Umm…everybody past and present on this and other anti LaRouche websites tend to be self appointed “experts” on the life and times of Lyndon LaRouche. Especially D. King. But just remember this; the not too old definition of an expert. “an EX is a HAS-BEEN…a SPERT is a DRIP UNDER PRESSURE.”

  4. Justin Says:

    Under pressure from whom or what?

    A more interesting lesson is this:

    Lyndon Larouche is irrelevant to the forces of World History. And he is barely, at best, a household name, murmured in a passing joke every once in a while. Dennis King is not a household name, his fame coming from something that is not a household name. Just remember that the next time you stand at a cardtable peddling crap and singing Choral music.

    I think I’ve had my fill on the life and times of Lyndon Larouche to hold me. He’ll be dead soon, after all. accomplishing nothing but creating a Fantasy Shadow Government for himself and a Fantasy University system for his followerers, to fade away into oblivion. I’m now a bit more interested in some other aspects of things.

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