another edition of a category I’m apologetic for carrying on with…

Stating the obvious…  Well, as posted a few months ago, maybe not completely.
Evidence points to a major news feature coming out in short order about the strange little man in Virginia and his operation, in wake of the suicide of Ken Kronberg.  This happens every so often, my big question is what is going to be rehashed by order of background information.  It is a good chance for the newspaper to float quotes from anonymous ex-members, pass on some things that Dennis King has to say, and throw in a defending quote or two from his flock of recently minted baby-boomer despising disciples.  I believe the Larouche news machine should be priming the pump right now, getting their template together to fill in the blanks for purpose of attacking the writer of the article, implying a conspiracy de jour against the Messiah-in-Chief, builder of a relatively expensive Potemkin Village world of a top-down model of culture and political activism.  (Larouche has taken credit most recently for a Chuck Hagel op-ed piece on Iraq and Dennis Kucinich’s measure to Impeach Dick Cheney.  His schtik is to float policy influence amongst his true believers, gist for the mill.)
I too went to Ken Kronberg’s funeral. A few noteworthy things:
1. There was no mention whatsoever of LHL or the Labor Committee throughout the service.
2. The sermon at some point quoted Kronberg as saying something like: I used to think the universe was run by conflict, everyone attacking each other, but now I know it’s run by Love. Pretty obvious polemic against You Know Who.
3. The written item called “Remembering Ken” that was passed out to those attending–which was written by Kronberg’s wife Molly, also a longtime member–did not mention LaRouche or the ICLC or PMR or Fidelio or Campaigner or ….–not a word.

There were a lot of LCers at the funeral, but it’s not clear whether they noticed any of this or not. The large number of ex-LCers present sure noticed it.

Looked like a posthumous repudiation of LaRouche by Kronberg–actually, not just posthumous (see the quote from the sermon).

Charming.  This is a world which I don’t quite know if it has any value in passing along, but it is a life and a statement.
My private speculations on what exactly is going to happen when, surely within 15 years and more than likely on the short end of that time period, the strange man in Virginia passes away togs henceforth and thusforth, and perhaps this is the end-game for the strange beast that has hunkered about since the 1960s:

Meanwhile, back at “Windy Hill”, the Archon’s rental mansion, I wonder if he knows just how deep the doo-doo is going to get. From the look of things at FACTNet I would surmise that those who are still hanging on, aside from the LYM, are just hanging around watching the vultures circle and waiting for them to pounce. Maybe waiting for the Archon to pass on, and the org with him. I simply don’t see it surviving. If Mrs. Archon has all the rest of the money locked up on her side of the pond then she can probably live well for a good long time, unless somebody decides to audit the books.

If you drew a line-graph of prosperity (or a potemkin prosperity), I imagine a peak in 1986, which drops down to a low through the Clinton era, and is funneled back up with a more apt target (Bush Administration) and a more strategically sound recruitment base, on college campuses.  I suspect the lines will diverge away as we move away from Cheney/Bush, and I’m not sure there’s enough anti-environmentalist college kids to suck into an anti-global warming crusade.
Which means that the clever Accounting box shuffling to paper over monetary deficiencies in various parts of Larouche, Inc. will strain more and more of the old Guard technocrats — the Ken Kronbergs — before a final bust.  But that’s just a theory.

Hey!  I found an online edition of the late 1970s “Dope, Incorporated”!  (Well, it popped before me.)  Weeee!

I should go make fun of Mike Gravel’s performance in the Democratic Debate now.

5 Responses to “another edition of a category I’m apologetic for carrying on with…”

  1. JD Says:


    I’m the reporter of the piece you mention at the top of your post. Would you email me please? I’m very interested in your archive of old EIR publications.


  2. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Don’t apologize for carrying on with this category–LaRouche Challenge. LaRouche a menace, so what you do is a public service, and LaRouche really deserves exposure. Especially after the Kronberg suicide.

    As for the strain on the Old Guard, you left something out–LaRouche’s special way of viciously and relentlessly attacking his Old Guard in memos, briefings, meetings, etc. “Baby Boomer” members and leaders have to deal with lack of personal funds, insane demands for “deployments,” constant attacks on Baby Boomers as such, and, in the case of leaders, constant personal attack and/or fear of personal attack on them as individuals.

  3. Justin Says:

    I just wonder if I’m demanding too much money from The Queen of England’s Drug Laundering Business for these posts about Larouche. It seems to be taking a hit on Great Britain’s economy…

  4. Brian Says:

    I don’t believe you guys have any idea about LaRouche or his movement. I would reccomend all of you to call them and challenge them personally. Making a stupid website called skull / bones and ranting about something you obviously dont know is retarded. I live in Lynnwood WA, we should meet up and have some of the LYM youth there and then you can tell them how bad LaRouche is in person, unless your just a little pussy that hides behind fourms and posts shit like you know something.. U got my e-mail admin, e-mail me and we can meet up, Thanks,

    Brian Wood

  5. Justin Says:

    How do you know I haven’t told them how bad Larouche is in person?

    By the way, Brian Wood, I’m curious. Are there many Larouchites supporting the candidacy of Mike Gravel? I ask having just looked up your email, and it’s a somewhat more interesting question than anything else.

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