Where are the Children of Satan?

Abondoned and tossed right next to a garbage can — in front of a convenience store — and by way of telling the precise location, at the end of the Yellow Max line — one package still tied together uncut from its yellow string, the other cut but untouched — there last night and still there this morning…

The two latest LaRouche pamphlets.  Supposedly $5, but there, as they always seem to be whenever the LaRouchites hover on over and take up shop — for the taking.  And if you really want it, you can have a hundred.  (I never quite get this part of the fund-raising part of the LaRouche syndicate.  Even though I understand it has never been a major part of it, it still strikes me as an incredible loss-leader.)

I have a mental picture of the paperback greeting “If you purchased this book without a cover…”, and this as the LaRouche version of that.  Unsold, they are discarded.  Since this is an evangelism movement, they are offered for anyone who cares to have one.  (At previous times, I’ve seen them left at the cut-off section at Borders.)  I assume this means that this is the end of the LaRouchite stint of keeping a card-table, and they’re onto other things.

I picked up neither pamphlet.  An umpteenth “LaRouche Economic Address” promising a plan that will get us out of the economic depression of ’06 and onto the glorious future of ’07.  The other was titled “The End of the Truman Era” — which I imagine fits into LaRouche’s current infatuation with FDR — ie: Truman betrayed the Roosevelt legacy and set up the systems that have destroyed our economy, and LaRouche’s Economic Program promises to take us back to the Roosevelt Legacy.  I suspect he is eking out his Communist past with that one — which is that Communists made up the lefter-most part of Roosevelt’s coalition, and generally accepted him — however mildly — in a “Popular Front” position — and Truman was just a boss’s politician — the Senator and then President from Pendegrast.  But maybe that would be giving the man too much credit, and really he’s just trying to evoke mainstream Democrats who don’t like the DLC.

What I want to know is — is Truman one of the “Beastman”s of “Children of Satan” fame?  I guess I’d just have to read the pamphlet to find out.  And I’m not going to do that.

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