My regular LaRouche update

Walking out of Borders, in the corner of my eye where the Clearance Shelves by the exit/entrance door I saw that the LaRouchites had stashed a bunch of the latest Lyndon LaRouche pamphlet — suggested donation $5 — my experience tells me that you can’t grab it from someone who’s waving it at you without the demand of $5, which makes the LaRouchite different from the Scientologist, evangelical Christian, or “Jews for Jesus” pamphleters (but then again, they don’t hand out any literature more substantive than — say — a Jack T Chick tract), but ubiqutious enough to the point where if someone really wants one they’ll find it for free wherever the LaRouchites decided to stick it — in this case, in the front door of the Borders store. In the end, their need to evangelize meets up with their need to raise money.

After my double take, I walked over, grabbed the whole batch of LaRouche pamphlets, and without missing a beat, without looking over as I opened the door, dumped them in the garbage can that sits right outside of Borders.

As the race for the Texas Democratic Party Chair comes to a head, check out the LaRouchite ‘s answers to the questions. Leaving aside the sort of hazy sloganeering, I notice some turns of phrase that were obviously derived from LaRouche.

#1: We must do as Franklin Roosevelt did, reach out to those in the lower 80% of familty income brackets.

#2: I am prepared to take Texas “Out of the Bushes and into the Future.”, LaRouche derived from Jesse Jackson, but what are you going to do?

#3: These are democrats who served the nation well because they understood the importance of taking policy discussion outside of the inner sanctums of the Democratic party and out of the financial hands of scandrels like Feliz Rohaytan, into the hands of the people. Two for Tuesday! “inner sanctums” and “financial hands of scandrels” [SIC} like ahem “Feliz Rohaytan.

#1b: to the lower 80% of familty income brackets

#4: I have hit the pavement day in, and day out, as a leader of the most potent political force in the nation, the LaRouche Youth Movement, in the fight to bring down the infamous “Hammer” Tom Delay. […] I have been in the center of the fight to bring down Dick Cheney and the entire neocon appratus.

#5: Lakesha is a breath of fresh air from the same old baby boomer men that always end up running.

I’m a bit confused. When we “reach every Texan”, including the “lower 80% of familty income brackets” 80 percent? EIGHTY? Why not 85% or 75%?, are we going to exclude the baby boomers?

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