OJ Simpson’s new book

What I don’t understand is how a respectable book store can sell If I did It, Here’s How It Happened.  I cannot imagine walking into Borders and seeing a giant display.  Is this going to be sold like smut, order it by mail and it’ll come in a brown package.  Maybe it can be sold on street corners like crack?

Peddle it out, I suppose.

3 Responses to “OJ Simpson’s new book”

  1. A. Martin Says:

    In 1994, when these murder’s happen , to Nicole-Ron it sadden my heart then and now it sadden my heart for ……….OJ not to think of his two children, before the book is sold………regardless of his reasons for doing what he have decided, i feel he owe’s that much to them at least.after all they’re still among the living and they’re older now……..and they’re wiser, and this book could destroy the bond that they presently have……………..and the answer to your question, about me buying the book….that answer is ———yes, after all he was found -not guilty.”””’

  2. Justin Says:

    I never asked anyone if they were buying the book. But events have transpired, and obviously for the moment, nobody is buying the book — unless they find it on ebay or, holy cow! I’m prescient! an underground economy of sorts, books leaking through the warehouse on the way back to the publisher (Rupert Murdoch’s dungeons) to be slaughtered.

  3. Daddy Says:

    Speaking hypothetically of course, somebody needs to take action on this mother fucker. Where are the extremists when we actually need one. This mother fucker is making a fuckin’ mockery of our legal system. One of the fundamental aspects of our society. He’s a fuckin’ killer, everybody knows it, and he’s walking around free. If that’s not enough, now he’s shovin’ that shit into the faces of the victim’s families and the rest of the nation.

    It is damn well time a vigilante steps up and takes care of this shit. All we need is one good crazy mother fuckin ex-marine style mother fucker.

    In my opinion the best way to hypothetically do it would be public execution style assassination. Find out where this fucker plays golf. Find a clear line of site to one of the driving areas. Wait for him to tee up. And take his fuck ass out with a high powered sniper rifle. It will take the police at least twenty minutes to figure what direction the shot came from. And that’s if our ex-marine isn’t using a silencer. Plenty of time to escape.

    And as far as prosecution goes. I think the entire country has a motive for killing his ass right now. So if he got out of killing two people when he was basically caught red handed, I think our man could get off as well, if he’s caught.

    I am hypothetically begging for someone to stand up and take action on this man. I think it would be a patriotic act. Don’t let this man continue to mock our society so openly.

    I’d stand up and do it myself, but I have neither the proper training nor the nerve for this sort of job. But someone out there does.

    And I hypothetically hope that someone does.


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