Six Politicos on their place in the current political zeitgist


Trent Lott: “I look forward to my new position as Minority Whip.  Whipping Minorities is what I am all about!”


Joseph Lieberman: “I am in the Center.  Not only am I the center, but I am the Center.  If you look up ‘Center’ in the dictionary, you will find a picture of me, Joseph Lieberman.  And I believe Webster will soon have an entry in it for ‘Joseph Lieberman’ that will have as a definition a single word: Center.”

Jon Tester: “I am more than just my seven fingers, you know.”


George W Bush: “It’s good to be here in Vietnam, for the very first time.  I will now stand here in front of Ho Chi Mihn, and let you contemplate the reaction that would come forth in America if a President John Kerry were to be doing so.  Now I will talk about Iraq, standing here in Vietnam, not fully grasping the obvious stupidity of doing so.”

Tom Vilsack: “I will now begin an exploratory committee and will decide whether or not I will run for president sometime next year.  I am well aware that I have no chance due to the fact that my name has ‘sack’ in it.”

Rudy Giuliani: “I will start an exploratory committee.  If I decide to run and decide the Republican Party may nominate me, it’ll be a sign of self-delusion.”

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