I see that someone — or someones — have “Pluto” technoratied or search-engined in some manner or other so as to post a spam to a petition posted at a fangled website Please Save Pluto.

I saw the post at a Blue Oregon post about the horrible Oregonian editorial on the Pluto decision.

I do not understand the impetus to “Save Pluto”. Pluto needs no saving. Pluto does not face an existential crisis, as do your creatures on the Endangered Species list. It will exist, with its highly eccentric orbit and — as scientists have deemed it — nonplanetary attributes, no matter how humans classify it.

As an aside, “Dwarf Planet” seems highly dubious a classification for the simple fact that “dwarf” appears to be an adjective for “planet”, and thus I’m left with “Pluto. Dwarfish Planet.”.

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