Boo to Terrorism

Sitting across me on the Max was the friendliest example of an obviously certifiable crazy man (schizophrenia of some variety) I’ve encountered. He talked to himself profusely, but to the degree that he was comprehensible, he was apologizing to everyone (who generally ignored him, uncomfortably squirming) for doing so.

He made a remark in the direction of, which directed my attention to, an older – looking woman, who was either accompanying a man only slightly older than I to the airport or had chatted earlier with a man to he airport who was carting a suit-case, to the airport and onto a plane and onto Europe — where in Europe I do not know as he described his trip as one to “Europe”.

They thought about the security he was going to experience on various spots in the airplane traveling experience, and he expressed this as a reason for being extra early. “Oh, right. Terrorists.” The woman than pointedly gave a thumbs down motion, while frowning. “Terrorists.” And she shook her head.

Something everyone can agree with, I suppose.

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