Remind me: Why did I listen to/hear 10 minutes of John Gibson?

John Gibson, apparently prefaces a regular segment of his radio talk show with an overheated and exaggerated piece of over-production that announces “John Gibson Was RIGHT!” Forgetting what he claimed to be right about in the past, based on his reading of highly suspect evidence, that at least — I suppose — throws him to some base in figures to throw out.

What John Gibson said he was “right” about, after the triumphant note, is that Hezbollah LOST, Israel WON… after all, TAKE THAT YOU DOUBTERS!! I can’t quite guage the formula, which hinges on whether the infrastructure of the “state within a state” in Lebanon outweighs the sudden rush of approval that has greeted Hezbollah amongst the Lebanese populace and vice versa, who and when the Lebanese blame for the thing — Hezbollah for throwing a war they had no interest in fighting amongst them or Israel because their bombs flew down on them, and in Gibson’s mind hinges on the estimation that there weren’t a lot of actual casualties and somehow the bombs landed on Hezbollah infrasture and (as Rush Limbaugh termed it, “Hezbos”) nearly exclusively. “The Arab Press is begining to understand”.

As evidence for this assessment, and by way of John Gibson provides us with an editorial from the Wall Street Journal from one of his favourite columnists and his favourite experts on the middle East — which he saw on, the Wall Street Journal’s editorial website, by way of — um — which succiently re-stated his opinion on the issues.

A classic example of congratulating another for having the same opinion, except strangely more perverse because here it is a matter of patting oneself on the back for finding someone else with the same opinion.

I will now write an editorial that urges White People to procreate at a faster rate, send it to John Gibson, and wait to be featured on a “John Gibson was right!” segment.

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