here are the prominent democrats backing trump over biden

The Hill headline “Here are the Prominent Republicans backing Biden over Trump” fails to account, or have an accompanying article on a list of the “Prominent Democrats Backing Trump over Biden”. Keep in mind the Republicans for Biden list only has four political figures, followed by a list of haven’t ruled on it (Romney and Cheney) and a list on neither (Paul Ryan, Christie, and Pence). It is possible that there might be named you can apply to the Democratic equivalent of the other three lusts, but as for the foremost and the headline giver:

Dennis Kucinich

Rod Blagojevich

There was much hubbub on Zell Miller, keynote speaker at the 1992 Democratic convention, showing up to keynote the 2004 Republican convention, as too the 2000 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate showing up for major speech at 2008 Republucan’s convention. And we have it again as the last one out against the eventual 2004 standard bearer is now with the Republican some five elections later!

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