Israel – palestine, chug chug and chug

Facing an election where at least a chunk of the Democratic electorate are going to dribble off due to the Israeli – Palestine conflict. A curious matter in listening to some progressives with a prior of assumption that Israel is in the wrong, more or less en toto. A supposed history lesson on the history of Zionism gives the statement that in its long inception of a fight and through its history it was oft to right wing politics. And the thing leaves off the reality that at the time of its actual proclamation as a nation, it was associated with liberalism — and a dream of a sorta quasi socialism under Prime Minister Einstein sat there. Tangling in there in terms of American politics, I see a story from, oh, Mother Jones claiming far right wing (antisemite) jackass figures are claiming the mantle of Palestine in trying to get in with the Left (jackasses). Sure. As they always have. And more to the point, let us take a look at The Nation magazine circa 1948 into the 1950s versus The American Mercury magazine.

Lastly a casual diss of Biden. “Can’t really stomach that genocide thing”. Yeah. I do not know if you are talking about the Israelian government (and our noxious Netanyahu backed settlement governance) or Hamas. Or I do, but only because of the context of your priors.

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