major men

I see this msnbc clip on youtube. It winds its way through the manner that Epstein is getting covered by the right, a tricky wicket of insinuations where every person of big import has imposed with the man. And then the host mentions Trump’s dealing, rolls out the old quote from him –something about how he knows Epstein, he likes the ladies, and he likes them a little on the young side. The host brings in Robert Kennedy Jr explaining that, yes, he was on the plane with Epstein a couple times, and there the host has to reiterate “no evidence of anything more.”

And then the take away. ” There is only presidential candidate running with no ties to Jeffrey Epstein. And that man is named Joseph Biden. “

Laying aside he perhaps rightly tossed aside some of the Republican aspirants — question Nikki Haley now I guess — what is interesting here is… He just categorized Robert F Kennedy Jr as a “major presidential candidate”. A list of three.

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