tidbits in polls

Polling always presents these odd statistical goofballs:

While 28 percent of the country overall said a GOP House investigation into whether Biden should be impeached was a “top priority,” that number nearly doubled to 55 percent among GOP respondents. Just 6 percent of Democrats agreed. Notably, GOP support for investigating Hunter Biden’s finances — a major source of conservative ire and conspiratorial theorizing — is slightly lower than their interest in an impeachment investigation, with 52 percent of GOP respondents calling it a priority for the incoming Congress. Meanwhile, 7 percent of Democrats agreed.

(1) The country never really got to the bottom of Billy Carter either. (The Carter Family Crime Ring?)

(2). Now, the shifting and sorting in political make-up creates interesting results. Back in 2000 and 2004, you had Nader crowing that Democrats should be blaming Gore for all those Democrats in Florida who voted Bush — zoom in and you see that out in North Florida it is a plethora of registered Democrats who have long since started voting Republican. This effect continues with conspiracy theories in Ohio in 2004 and yammering of “Who are these Democrats?”

Comedy ensues with Obama’s 2012 primaries. West Virginia takes center stage. The funny thing is that continued with the question of Bernie’s vote against Hillary in 2016.

But if I can answer that “who are these Democrats?” in those cases — left overs from a previous era — I actually don’t know in this case.

Seven percent. Who are these Democrats? Are they coming in from the Left? Maybe a permanent “throw the bums out” attitude pervades?

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