The events

We move past any real news and into the “local color” aspect.

Saturday’s protests outside the Maricopa County Tabulation and Election Centre in Phoenix included a reenactment of the biblical Battle of Jericho by supporters of Ms Lake, who etc.

That time where something called “Christian nationalism” gets a broad definition to include your friendly churchy neighbor. But I guess whatever that thing is, it includes they. All dozen of them taking to the courthouse.

Reverend Nathan Empsall, the executive director of Faithful America, was quoted as saying to Newsweek that “re-enacting the Battle of Jericho is particularly troubling, given that it is a subtle threat of political violence”.

They nab a phrase, “kids in cages”, and project themselves and their grand narrative into their grievances to be redressed.

Curious, this.:

A major Democratic super PAC is launching a “tip line” for those attending former President Donald Trump’s expected 2024 campaign launch to provide potentially damaging information. […] “If you’re in South Florida and want to join American Bridge in the fight to hold Trump accountable, you should grab your phone and go down to Mar-a-Lago on Tuesday,” Goodinch added.

I do not exactly know how useful videos of dumbasses can be. Everyone already knows there are dumb assets there. For that matter, you will be able to find dumbasses at a political event you agree with — perhaps fewer, but enough to create a comprable montage out of which to giggle.

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