That next tier

This “three Senate races” where the incumbent loses support but in a state where the partisan edge cushions them from any losing brings to mind one thought.

I don’t want a ninety year old Senator. The problem with Senator Grassley, though, is that his replacement would have come out of the Republican primary. So. Do you prefer Senator Doddering or Senator Young Buck Heavily Affected Trumpster?

There ought be term limits, but pretty damned generous ones. Five terms. Maybe even six. It gives you a good career. Probably able to do what you must in the minority with your party in the White House, in the majority with your party in the White House, in the minority with the other party in the White House, and in the majority with the other party in the White House. You have had your chance to build both oppositional and governing legacy. So goes Patty Murray. Wo will angle to be the next Chuck Grassley, I suppose. Her Democratic primary replacement may e better, worse, or just the same as her. Probably the last.

The situation with McMullin in Utah is amusing more than anything. I can’t quite figure what the people of Utah are aching for.

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