affecting silence for campaign 2022

I assume it was painful to watch Senate candidate John Fetterman, stroke victim, at the debate stage, because the reviews indicate it was. I do not know if it is excusable with the man functioning as I have not watched nor will do so, nor do I know if he recovers and wins the race as, to see the Atlantic article headline, “Pennsylvania Voters have good options.”. And if we want to be honest, neither would the Democratic Party post stroke. There is a disingenuousness which emerges here — the National Review spits out a finger wringing ” Shame on the Democratic Party” for putting him up, leaving him campaign, even though if the partisan markers were reversed they would be the ones minimizing the damage and conceding circumstantial fault lines but charging the will recover and be a great Senator with ideas better in keeping with the voters than his opposition and that political party.

Now I need to track back and see what everyone was saying way back in 2004 with Republican Senator Jim Bunning of Kentucky. He snuck through with a percentage win off of Bush’s twenty point headwins.

We await, it appears, a Republican victory. The polls trend that way. Patty Murray has showed up with ads — urging you to not neglect the vote, flashing the closest poll that has it closer than you’d think or her behind (don’t recall which) — normally not done but here Murray has a pretty specific message and sense the partisanship bears her out. Then comes a single issue mantra — abortion. Fraught that — it is that which bring the Democrats into contention overall this cycle but was not that which was ever going to bring them in.

But maybe if I was in a rural area she would be micro targetting something else at me.

Tina Kotek’s ads flail. Okay, so we have an outside Pac with a reasonable campaign — “I like Betsy Johnson, but she just can’t win”, and make sure to use the moniker where ” we can’t a MAGA Republican”. Turn off tge volume to watch the visuals. The Kotek ad itself now places Drazan next to the Incumbent Democratic governor, words fladh “not Drazan, not Kate Brown”. The ads with a slow fade of Drazan, but here I note they forgot to stockpile unflattering imagery, or make it themselves with dumb effects. The visuals uplifting Drazan ad that popped up in my youteed feed, volume down, just flashes through a bunch of happy looking ethnically diverse people — I don’t know what it says because I am here just seeing the visual effects and purposefully not listening. I assume it assails Brown and Motel in one manner or other.

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