4 down, 1.5 to go

Kind of interesting, the map shows that the folks in Eugene were shown the Falcons — Bengals game. I assume this is the Oregon alum QB Mariota, now a certified journeyman, so not warranting the full state of Oregon coverage.

At this point quarterback Genome Smith has ten starts for the Seahawks in his name. A mile marker for sure to compare with the rest. Tier three in terms of tenure — down below those four who hog three quarters of the starts with triple digits, and down below those with more than a regular season’s allotment. So, compare him with the 6-5 John Friesz, the 8-4 Trent Dilfer, the 7-7 Tarvaris Jackson, the 5-9 Seneca Wallace, and the 5-12 Kelly Stouffer. All misleading, perhaps — and worth noting the process moment for John Friez came in relief for with a comeback win against the Broncos. Heck — the proudest moment for 1-8 Stan Gelbaugh came in relief of Stouffer — a comeback win against the Broncos –with his onewin better allotted to Gino Torretta — so we should probably re-allot QB records, hand Friesz another one and drop one from Stouffer. (Though then you’d have to do the same with Dilfer.).

In the realm of feel good moments, this game against the Broncos represents high Kitna. Two weeks later things turned south in a hurry.

A shifting of the guards for the future on running back. It is something like Sean Alexander finally clearing out Ricky Waters. Wait to see if the defense continues a turn. And everyone who chimed in that “I don’t care about any game but the first one” drops away.

For the record, if this is High Geno Smith, he stands at 5-5. If only he could have snagged that Rams game last year, he would have one moral win — if allowed to Wilson. If this is not High Genocide Smith, well –I guess he is the new Stan Humphries or Rich Gannon.

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