No matter who wins, you lose

Sometime after reading a Rolling Stone hit piece against Betsy Johnson which, showing a divergence of politics only made Betsy Johnson look good —

— The problem with political discourse: you think you made a point, but the receptors of someone else with a different frame of reference and working against your assumptions and biases will feed in something else —

The YouTube algorithm kept feeding me a giant pile of Tina Kotek ads which… were aimed at someone not me and failed to do their job in making her an attractive candidate. As time has gone by the ads spit at me have greatly improved for a rather obnoxiously cynical reason: they are now negative ads aimed at Christine Dra. That being said, I encounter one weird problem with them — a visual which I assume ties her to the January 6 events of our nation’s capital, words blare across the screen — “Ties with extremists”. Shut off the volume and I assume it’s a Republican ad showing footage of the events before the Federal building two summers’ back in what the liberal weeklies gleefully charged as an ” uprising”. But I guess the ads are targeted well, and Kotek is playing the base strategy of sorts.

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