2 down, 3.5 to go and 2 down, 9.5 to go

I suppose watching a close game where the defense falters — and the opponent seems to emerge as a marginal playoff probability — gets us …

Wait. The airspace was invaded by a drone! That’s the most exciting non playing sporting happening in a Seattle sports game since… an explosive device went off in a game in 1979.

Back to the game: Wow. Defense stinks. We have to turn back next week to see how they do against the preseason viewed as up and coming Lions team. Check out the ads on this sports ball site. Hm.

Are you horny and depressed? Well then! Got a psychographic down, I guess. Um. Exactly how does this depression treatment work?

OK. Check in on the Srahawks and Lions. Defense wins championships and things and all that! Hhow Did they do? Geno Smith has tremendous stats and looks like an all pro! But then again, so does Jared Goff. Wow. That was… Offense! Like, the 31st and 32nd best defenses in the league, I gather. And now everybody is claiming that Smith is better than Wilson, which…

… Wait. What the Heck just happened in that Broncos – Colts Thursday night classic?

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